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I am having a female Great Dane pup i wanted to make her tall and muscular,help?

hello this is Siddhartha from Allahabad Iam having a female Great Dane pup 4 month and 10 days old its height is 21 1/2 inches, is her growth is upto the mark or below it.I wanted to make her tall and muscular.Im feeding her with dog food having 32 % protien, and feed her with 10- 15 ml calcium daily. Plz do reply soon.
By Siddhartha Tripathi · 10 Aug 2010 1:41 pm


By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 10 Aug 2010 2:33 pm
The Great Dane, which is called the "Apollo of Dogs", developed in Germany where they were used as a hunter and a guard dog. Their original name was "The Deutsche Dogge", and at one time they were known to be so ferocious that the breed was considered vicious. They also had earned a reputation for being an excellent war dog. They could both pack gear and protect their masters backside from attack during a battle. The "breed trait" of being ferocious is no longer evident. Today the Dane is (pound for pound) one of the most gentle and loving of the species canine.

This is a breed that in its native environment is still being fed a diet of high fiber (whole rolled oats, cabbage, etc.) and high protein foods. Therefore, for this special breed its recommended commercial foods that are very high in their fiber content.

The food sources found in the native environment of the Dane included high fiber whole oats, cabbage, and rye. The meats were wild boar, deer, and a lean beef from a dairy cattle. Food for today's Dane that contains beef, whole oats, rye, and potato. Avoid feeding a food that contains any soy, white rice, or fish to a Great Dane.
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By Shaurya kennels · 11 Aug 2010 8:30 am
I think she is doing pretty fine for her age. You can though contact dane breeders like Sanjay Kapoor @ 9810260981
for any suggestions or advice. Thanks
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By Gopal Krishna · 11 Aug 2010 9:07 am
Please dont feed her protein more than 27% and calcium supplement is not really needed now let her be at least 6 month age... feeding her this much protein and calcium could make her grow fast but she will end up with weak bones... trust me growth spurt is not really good... be patient she is only 4 month... and dont put her on heavy exercise before 1 year... and also female are less muscular than male so keep this fact in your mind...
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By Dinkar Singh · 11 Aug 2010 9:48 am
Talking in general and not in particular about any one breed.

There is no fixed rule that at a particular age the pup or dog should be so much in height and or weight. They are just kind of guides, but dont rely on them completely no matter what someone says. For firstly its ur pet who you should love no matter what someone has to say and secondly growth also depend on the genes. What the height etc of the parents were and also some blood lines mature and fill out much later as compared to other bloodlines. So dont be rash in achieving things too soon nor heighten it by giving suppliments etc., nor get disappointed.

As for food, Royal Canin has a food just for Great Danes, may be you should try it as it is tailor made for that particular breed and the company has done its research. Also note that it is better to keep a gaint breed lean rather than fat specially when it is in its growth stage. It is only after 1 yr of age or so that proper exercise etc should be given.

I agree with Mr. Ghai, you should also speak to reputed breeders like Mr. Kapoor, who would be able to guide you in the best way due to his vast experience with the breed.
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By Siddhartha Tripathi · 11 Aug 2010 2:26 pm
I am very thank full to all of you who have given me their valuable suggestions.
I would like to add that my dane is exactly 4 months and 14 days old and has an exact height of 23 1/2 inches.
I also wanted to know should I feed her with non veg also like chicken and egg or any thing else ?
I was feeding her with Sabour and Vida, but due to its unavailability I have to buy nutripet junior. which one is better ?
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