Need desperate help for my Labrador who is not well and suffering from infection injuries?

I am from Nasik, and I need desperate help for my Labrador who is not well and suffering from infection injuries I have a Labrador who is 6 1/2 years old. All was good till last couple of months when following things started: 1) He used to vomit almost every day for whatever he was eating. Doctors prescribed light food and we somehow got his vomiting under control. 2) But he became very dull and lethargic since then and although we got his vomiting in control, he has developed serious infection wounds on his legs, near his paws due to which he limps badly while walking. He has always been a very active dog, but since last one month (or may be even more) he just keeps lying down in the house in the corner. His leg wounds are increasing day by day, and we cannot figure out what kind of infection it is. 3) He has lost a considerable amount of weight and we can now feel his bones. We have already showed him to our local vet and they gave him few antibiotic injections. There seems to be

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Show your Dog to Vet from Pune /Mumbai for complete checkup. Also check once with the breeder of your dog that, whether your dog is an offspring of inbreeding i.e Mating between closely related parents. As genetic disorder symptoms /Cancer chances are more in puppies from inbreeding .
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