My female pekingese had suffered from urinary tract infection, please help?

Hello, I have a 6 yr old female pekingese. She had suffered from urinary tract infection and now the condition has relapsed. We took her to the vet and after x-ray-ing was told that she had bladder stones which needed surgery for removal. I have heard homeopathy works well in curing the disease and may be used to dissolve the stones. She is so small that I am hesitant to put her through anesthesia. I dont know whether there are any holistic vets in India...Is homeopathic administered by age to pets?I am from Delhi. Pls suggest/help asap? Thanks
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U don't worry. My doogu laborador dog had surgery and I will say that surgery is good option. Before surgery I was worried lyk u but I will suggest go for surgery.
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my pekingese 13 yrs old has urinary bladder stone , dr saying for surgery. i am worried due to his factor. homeopathy can dissolve stone ?
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