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What is the difference between adopting and buying a dog?

Hello, I intend on buying/adopting a puppy. I have always wanted to have a puppy. Now I finally am capable of taking care of one. As a newbie to the Dog world following are the questions on my mind- 1) What is the difference between adopting and buying a dog? 2) As a first time dog owner what should I keep in mind. 3) I am considering to own a Labrador, bichon frises, beagle. I have been also told that I should look for a mix breed as they tend to be healthier. As a 1st time Dog owner which breed should I consider(including and excluding what I have in mind). 4) I live in a decently big apartment with my family, what size dog should I consider having? 5) For the next 2-3yrs I will be in Mumbai but soon after I am moving back to New York. Keeping this international move in mind(weather etc) which breed of dog best suits my situation? I am very excited to bring this wonderful addition to our family ASAP!!!!
By Manasi Manjrekar · 22 Feb 2011 4:08 pm


By sandy · 22 Feb 2011 7:07 pm
1) free vs paying a price for pedigree, quality etc, doesn't mean all adoptions dogs are bad.
2) Nothing, first shortlist the breed and then go through these links;

https://www.dogspot.in/why-hel l-does-dog-cost-so-much/

https://www.wellbredpets.com/d og-breed-suggestion.html

In this link check the breed of u r choice, positives, negatives etc

3) Depends on the time you spend at home, lifestyle, budget for a puppy, monthly spend you have to decide base on my response to 2nd question and your analysis.

4) Review based on your analysis on Q2. Post your thoughts here so that I can help you choose the breed and the right quality.

5) Definitely a small breed like Beagle, pug and long haired dogs like Maltese, chuwaha, bichon frises. As per me Lab is not a breed for your lifestyle. Lab and any large breed would cost you a lot of transportation.

Please scrap me in case you need further help...!!
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By Manasi Manjrekar · 22 Feb 2011 10:49 pm
Thank you for the input Sandy. I researched a bit more and spoke with my cousin who lives in NY he suggest I should get a labradoodle if it is available in India. He has two dogs a labradoodle and a mix of lab n bichon. I have on several occasions played with both the pups. I have notice that the labradoodle is a joy to be around where as the lab-bichon was quiet temperamental(almost behaving like a cat). I am inclined towards getting a labradoodle :) if they are available in India.

as for point no. 3 - Lifestyle- I work with my father in our family owned business. We are at the office for majority of the day. There is plenty of space in the office interiors as well as in the complex. We were planning on having the pup with us 24/7. Bringing him to work and in the evening he will come back home with us. The budget has no limits, we want a healthy and loving dog and are willing to invest in him emotionally and physically.

We definitely want a hypoallergenic dog as my mom suffers from mild asthma and my dad is diabetic. I would prefer having a midsized dog who doesn't have very long hair.

Our family needs a active, friendly, easy to train dog. After having this update on our situation what do you feel? If not a labradoodle could you suggest something similar.

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By sandy · 23 Feb 2011 12:31 pm
labradoodle ....haahah :)

Never go for cross breeds as it is like breeding a monkey and human.

Best would be a Labrador for you, dont even think of hairy breeds as they will not fit your family's health.

Labs are excellent family companions....but needs to be trained from an age of 3-4 months and need lot of exercise to stay fit.

Scrap me if you need any help....
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 23 Feb 2011 1:09 pm
Labradoodle is an excellent hybrid dog but in India you wont see much breeders. Labradoodle is not simply taking male Labrador and female Poodle to cross, it is something advance breeding which needs lot of research than normal breeding practice. I have lab, he is excellent family companion but you need to tolerate hair shedding of this breed (if you keep him indoor). If you prefer hypo-allergic then the available breeds in India are Poodle, Bischon Frise, Maltese and even Lhasa Apso do better.

If you are planning to move NY next 2-3 years then you can consider importing labradoodle from NY.
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By Ankush Mehra · 26 Feb 2011 2:41 pm
There is no dog which is completely Hypoallergenic. Some shed more while some shed less. All dogs shed more hair atleast twice a year. If a dog is long coated that will not mean that it sheds a lot of hair. Infact you will be surprised to see that most dogs in this group have long coats.
Happy choosing.
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By Priyanka · 27 Feb 2011 1:06 pm
i m too a dog lover and owner so i would recommend u to first prepare ur mind that can u give a dog that much time so that it could get in touch with u?......when i got my first dog it was 28 days old and i knew that it will be hard to keep the puppy so early but i could cover that coz i m very obidient to my passion, so i learned from that the puppy should not be less than 1.5 months...... coz early buying means that u have to feed the puppy after every 2 hours in day or night and the puppy will not learn that not to bite and that habit comes from the mother coz the mother teach this habit to that pooch. now its time to give replies to ur question....
1. difference b/w adoption and buying is that u will get a non pure breed without any paper/pedigree record in adoption case that means there is no particulars about the dog,... i mean that the habits are not identified and there is no proper looks of the breed and in case the puppy get any kind of infection or disease there will be less chances of the dog coz the vet will be lesser sure about the problem and its vaccination.......but one positive thing is the adopted breed lives healthier than a pure breed dog......but i would prefer that u should buy a dog not to adopt......
2. For the first time u should experience with a small breed dog; things to be kept in mind are...
i) Give a proper environment like a member of the family
ii) Give a seperate place like crate or something inside which the puppy could feel secure
iii) no tug -of - war, no wrestling, no chasing with the dog
iv) no biting of hand done by the puppy coz teething is the main problem in the puppies after 1 months, so if it starts biting give toys so that it can practice on the toys & give calcium tablets & protein bones to chew.
v)take the puppy to a particular spot for pee or poop coz according to the age the puppy needs to go pee or poop like if the puppy is 2 months old then take the puppy after every 2 hours speak to the puppy pee or go potty ,slowly gradually the puppy will learn that its time to pee or poop.....

there are lot more things to be known dear!
but if u want to experience a lot more so that ur pup should feel that u are the best dog owner then conatct me i will give u more information..........my mail id is prnkmalya@gmail.com
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By gautam sawant · 01 Mar 2011 10:16 am
Manasi ji ,
1) if u r planing for US in coming 2-3 years
u can wait and buy a puppy when u reach there , it will be beter that way for u and ur dog

2) as u r lokin for hypo-allergic dog, you will get beter options in US rather in india ( other option is importing a dog which doesn't make sense as anyway u r going to travel)

3) since ur concern is not security you dont need a big dog,(certain small dogs breeds are good watch dogs )
the breeds that u have mentions are perfectly fine

4) u need to do a bit study on dog breeds and their temperament( it should help you to zeroin the prefect companion)
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