Kennel failed to send related papers of St Bernard pup purchased,what to do?

Hello, We purchased a st bernanrd pup from testify kennels of delhi, online. Though the pup was sent by air to bangalore and is growing well in past 18 months, the kennel failed to send its related papers and are dodging all our requesta nd calls. We feel cheated at times, but how to tackle such situation?
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most ppl tell the pups are with papers but they actually arent... so its preferred to ask for a copy of regn receipt. but in your case its all gone too far... i pity ur situation coz i can understand being there. especially due to the distance it is difficult to get the original papers..if u really want the dog to be regd the only legal way u can use is a single dog unknown pedigree regn. it may not be the answer u were looking for, but nt much u can do now.

ps: if u know someone in delhi then u can get them to go meet this guy face to face and get ur papers, even if it means makn a scene...
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