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Pet Calmer available in India??

To help an anxious dog during thunderstorms and diwali firecrackers is there an equivalent to Pet Calmer available in India? My dog gets very very nervous and trembles at the sound of fire crackers (even at a distance somewhere near our block) and at the sound of thunderstorms. With the rains now down upon us and soon Diwali round the corner, I would like to be able to help her be calm and cope with the inevitable noise.
By Nirmala Selvam · 12 Sep 2013 10:59 am


By Raghuraj Rana · 18 Sep 2013 4:18 pm
during such time the most practical solution is to stay with dog and sooth out the anxiety it definitely takes some time but its the best solution.. ensure that when you are soothing your dog during the anxiety problem it doesnot run away from your
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By Nirmala Selvam · 19 Sep 2013 10:36 am
Thank you Raghuraj, I bought Melissa Tablets from Beaphar and I find this herbal supplement very very useful in calming my dog. She used to tremble violently during a thunderstorm but now the trembling has stopped and she is calm although alert to the sounds and the rain. One tablet an hour before you expect the worst of the thunderstorms or before you expect fire crackers to burst helps a lot. Melissa officinalis is a herb - local name lemon balm known for reducing anxiety without causing any drowsiness. Since the 13th of September I have used one tablet each on three separate occasions/days Sept 13, 15 and late evening on the 18th and I can say it works very well.
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By Navjot Singh · 23 Sep 2013 7:05 pm
If your dog was exposed the cracker sounds, I'm sure he will be able to cop with this, this season. It may be your dog was exposed to loud sounds last season, for the first time. They usually feel insecure, they may try to jump on you or hide under the bed/ table.
You should keep the animal indoor. You can put cotton balls inside the ears. Usually, they adapt themselves.
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