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I live near delhi, here a street dog (bitch) has given birth to babies in my home,what to do?

HELPPP!! i live near delhi. here a street dog (bitch) has given birth to babies in my home.. on the terris.. and my father is angry and tottally against it. he gave me one week to get her out of home with the puppies. one of the puppy has already died. i called ngos.. some said they dont have space some said they dont take newborn some said they woul charge 20000 for month. please help. what should i do? the dogs outside dont gel up with her and would eat her babies. m really worried please render some help!
By riya arora · 22 Dec 2012 3:05 pm


By Neha Verma · 24 Dec 2012 8:05 pm
Have you tried calling Jeev Ashram? They usually never say no. Try calling them. https://www.jeevashram.org/
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By Navjot Singh · 25 Dec 2012 12:11 pm
I think you should try to move them to a new place. If you have any park near your house or any place which is free from noise and danger, that should be ideal for the new house. You can make a kennel with bricks and place some cloths for warmth. Once the kennel is ready, you can shift the puppies to the new place. As the female has given birth to babies she is likely to be weak. You can feed her calcium supplements. You can feed her whatever you can like roti, bread, dalia, etc. Don't worry other dogs won't eat the puppies as it's the nature of the dog to be protective whenever they sense any danger to themselves or their family.
In most cases, the puppies die because the female is too weak to produce enough milk. As the female starves, she can't produce the warmth that the puppies require to stay alive. So take good care of the female. Try to buy supplements for the dog from a local Vet and let the nature play it's role!!! :)
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