Hesitant to get a dog because of our cats history.

Hi, we are a family of four and are looking to bring a dog into the family. We currently have two adult cats about 7-8 years. We are very hesitant to do so because of the past situation with dogs and our cats. We dog sat friends senior Chihuahua and one of our cats starved herself to the point were we had to take her to the emergency room. She quickly recovered and is doing well. Our other cat tends to stay downstairs but we did introduce them as well. However, we did not have any prior information on dogs and we did not introduce them the way most dog and cat owners would suggest. We just put them in a room and hoped it would work out; not the best decision. That is why we are wondering if there is any way we could bring a dog into our family without having a similar episode. Any thoughts?
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It is quite common to want to adopt a dog when you already have a cat. I know someone who did this but they did not face any issues. In your case, however, your cat has shown symptoms of not getting along with any new member.聽In most cases, dogs and cats can live together in peace but this process takes a lot of patience and planning. It may not be easy but a few tricks and hacks will make the process easier for your cat. We understand that the safety of both animals is a big priority which is why we need to take some extra care.聽Introducing them with each other should not be taken lightly. As a cat owner you need to have a plan of action on how the introduction is going to be. Cats are very different from dogs. Your cat probably thinks of your house as his/her own house and might start to feel threatened with another animal鈥檚 presence. This is something that you have already noticed. First things first, both the animals should have their own space in the start. It is better to let them be for a while before they start getting comfortable with each other. As a pet owner, we鈥檇 suggest you attend to both of them equally. Try not to force them to get along. It is a natural process and should be done in the most seamless way possible. Here are a few points that will definitely come in handy.Your cat should always have a place in the house where she can get away from the dog if she has to.聽Your cat鈥檚 food and water should be away from the reach of the dog.Give a little extra attention to your cat before your dog comes to your house.Learn basic dog training techniques that will help you understand their behaviour a little more.Take your dog out for some time and let the cat understand that he is finally home.Always put your dog on a leash before you introduce him to your cat.Let the two take some time to understand each other.Once you see positive results, you can let him loose.Please note that dogs and cats can actually get along if you make the process easy for both. Hope this makes the entire process smooth for you.
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