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Problem with dog stool, Please help?

Hey folks, I'm giving my Great Dane puppy(5month) a home made diet. This is for 2 days The diet consists of Beef meat(1kg), Beef Heart(3/4kg), Beef Liver(1/4kg), 6 whole eggs with shells for Calcim and Phosphrus(grinded), Spinach(1/2kg), Carrot(1/4kg), 1 tablespoon iodized salt and 5 tablespoons of Canola oil for Omega 3 and 6. I cook all together in a pressure cooker and give her with a small amount of rice as filler. I've given her Royal Canin and TOTW earlier, I see her being more energetic and muscular after changing into this diet. However, there's a problem with her stool. She shits almost 5 times a day in large amounts which is some what liquidly and it almost looks like cow dung(which doesn't have any shape).Her stool was normal while giving TOTW and Royal Canin. I'm still into giving her this diet because she's very active right now, my dog's trainer as well has mentioned that she's being very energetic. I came to know about this diet by reading the best book for Dogs Home diet. Can someone please help me with what's wrong? I checked with my vet and she said that Great Danes have sensitive stomach generally and gave 10 tablets. She was doing her shit tight while using the meds, but is continuing with the lose shit once the meds stop. I'm not able to afford TOTW or Royal Canin for a Great Dane, by the way my other two dogs(Boxer and Lhas Apso) do fine on this diet. Please leave your comments and suggestions. Thank you, Abhilash
By Abhilash · 09 Jun 2013 9:48 pm


By Aditya Suryavanshi · 19 Jun 2013 5:07 pm
hello abhilash,

The diet seems to be allright but I would like to mention is it must also contain bones, carcasses try giving him chicken instead of beef and grind it after cooking , you can add spinach or any leafy vegetable but it must be just 10- 20 percent of the diet remember dogs digestive system is not geared towards digesting grains and vegetables if u want to include them make a puree of the vegetables. They cannot assimilate plant grains untill they are pureed. Looking at the current diet i will say reduce or even eliminate the amont of vegetables and grains and see the diffrence.
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By arpit nath · 08 Nov 2013 7:04 pm
hii abhilash,

I was also giving the same diet to my golden retriever from the same book when he was around 6 months & guess what i faced the same problem too.
1.Actually its not because the diet is wrong,it's because the amount which is given in books are the recommended diet just like on the packets of dry food.So, it's better to reduce those amounts.
2. It's because of so much of Protein at once too. Beef & egg both are good source of protein . you can give them alternately instead of giving him at once . A five month puppy cant digest so much of protein at once & because of that change in stool takes place.
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