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I bought a Boxer puppy the problem is he bites a lot, help?

hey guys i bought a boxer puppy 10 days back. he is 2 months now, bt the problem is he bites a lot. if u try and hold him, he starts biting. Is it normal wid puppies??? wat should i do?? i have given chew bones bt still no help.
By Pradeep · 06 May 2010 1:53 pm


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 06 May 2010 2:12 pm
The best thing to stop biting is tell with loud voice "NO" and ignore him whenever he bits, dont give him any toys or treats to him for some hours.

I usally bark back with loud noise to my puppy whenever he bites, that works a lot ;)
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By Gopal Krishna · 07 May 2010 7:31 am
This is the time all puppy will usually chew on something... this is the time the teeth grow and they they feel irritation in gum... give him a chew toy... your puppy is too young to start with command and so be patient... but tell him "NO" in commanding voice it will help...

second thing is you have mention that if you try to hold him he bites... that is a sign of alpha behavior or scared behavior... you should gain the dog's trust and respect to avoid this... pick your dog and hold up in the air... if he struggles don't put him down unless he gets calm... Second exercise you can do is lay him on the bed or floor on his back and hold the neck firmly... he will struggle but don't release him unless he get calm... the struggle is because he doesn't want to give up... don't practice these more than 5 min a day... you puppy is too young... after 3 month you can start with the training...
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By Kamal · 08 May 2010 7:36 pm
It's the Natural for Boxer Breeds. First Train him to Listen you , Improve eye contacts. Never punish him , Just make him away while biting some thing Use The Command "Leave" while doing this . Use command in a Dominate voice , After that Praise him give treats . Repeat this when ever you find him mistake. With in a 2 days he will be come all right . Never punish and use the word "NO".
Don't allow him to play with all the things , give him some toys and make him sure that is belongs him.

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