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I had a query actually i was looking to buy a dog for the first time ?

hey guys i had a query actually i was looking to buy a dog for the first time and thought of buying it from No1 kennels delhi.... please dont take it otherwise but there are many people who sell dogs which are not pure breed... now since im going to buy a dog for the first time thats the reason im a little worried.... please tell me about no1 kennels n should i go and buy a dog from yhis place and if theres some other place that you guys could recommend to me....
By saurabh · 06 Oct 2009 5:26 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 07 Oct 2009 10:26 am
There are various discussions on this website regarding first timers buying dogs and what to look for good and bad. I suggest you read on those discussions before buying your dog also regarding choosing the best breed suited for you living conditions etc. Please keep in mind that it is a 12 odd year commitment and only go in if you are ready for the responsibility and cost of maintenance etc.

If you have any particular question ask....
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By arsh sharma · 08 Oct 2009 1:12 am
look maximum kennels are in gurgaon or south delhi from where u can find best breed dog. but please remember any pet needs= money, time and above all love from ur side. ARE U READY TO GIVE......
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By Ravinder · 10 Oct 2009 8:15 am
I was in touch with those fellows for a pup about 2 months back.

I asked if I could come see the litter which was in dwarka, i aranged to visit n see the litter. Then he said there is a great quality litter in rewadi, which is better then the pups in dwarka. I still wanted this litter in dwarka which was closer. Now they further declined and said there is NO LITTER in dwarka.
But I could come see the stud dog, they didn't share an address and met in a shady fashion (come to this sector, wait near that shop) which is fit enough for a mafia movie.
That stud dog spends all day in a dark garage, and is deprived of a family or proper human contact, he does get 2 walks a day, thats about it.
Then he said I'll email you the pics of the litter and you take your pick, to which I was emailed the pc of just 1 pup. Further I was asked to meet again in the mafia like fashion to hand over an advance of 10-12 k so a puppy from rewadi can be brought, by now my faith in these ppl was finished. The dogs r iltreated, also the business terms are shady, I would never trust them with anything dog papers etc pictures ... nothing.
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By Ravinder · 10 Oct 2009 8:19 am
Whatever breed you're looking to buy, buy it from a breeder who is confident and forthcoming.

Its a long lasting relationship you'd be establishing with your breeder, and good breeders deserve to be rewarded.
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By sandy · 22 May 2012 9:56 am
Golden rule....never buy a pet from someone who does it for a living as their life depends on the sale of the puppy and once sold it is a closed chapter.

which breed are you looking for and why ?
How would u know they are showing the correct pictures, most of the breeders will show u only fake parents as they dont want u to get in contact with the breeder so that u will know the actual price and comission :)

I only breed rottweilers for 7 years now and i have friends who breed labs, golden and other breeds as a speciality and they do it for passion for the breed and not $$$

Thanks & Regards
Lorven Pet Shop
New BEL ROAD, Bangalore
Shop Location > https://tinyurl.com/7rv87uk
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