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I am going to Hydrabad for a month n m planning to take oscar also by train,help?

hey guys m goin to hydrabad for a month n m plannin to take oscar also by train.i don think dat hel b comfortable travellin by flight bcoz hes nt used to been put up in a cage or havin a muzzle on his mouth for 5-6 hours... infact i don even tie him up for 15 mins.. so thot dat train wud b d best option.. i hv buked d tickets n wantd to noe if nybody here has travelld wid a dog in a train n wud luv to noe deir xperience n sum tips as well.. also vl oscar b able to adjust der? v vl b cumin back to mumbai afta a month.. i noe oscar vl b a lil confused but i cant help it.. cant live widout him for a month... plz help guys!
By shreyank · 12 Mar 2010 5:18 pm


By Runni · 13 Mar 2010 11:17 am
I have travelled with my dog by train & will again do it in May. I generally travel from Kalka to Kolkata, so its a long journey. If you r planning to travel in AC first class then Oscar can accompany u in ur cabin. All u need to do is to arrive atleast 2 hrs ago & then go straight to the luggage booking counter. Tell them u want to book ur pup & that u want him to be with u during the journey as u r travelling by AC 1st class. They will do the needful.
In case U r travelling by any other class then u will have to book him in the dog box. Before booking ur tickets make sure that particular train has the facility of carrying live animals. Then on the journey date arrive atleast 2 hrs before time & book him in the luggage booking counter. U need to have a coller, chain (not nylon/cloth leash but metal chain) & prefereably a name tag. Put him in dog box with plenty of water & food. U should carry some rejected cloth which u can use to clean the dog box before putting Oscar in. Boxes tend to be dirty as they carry goats. I clean the box before putting my dogs in.
U can visit ur dog as many time as u wish during the journey to supply water & food.
If u have any other queries feel free to scrap me.
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By shreyank · 13 Mar 2010 2:52 pm
thnx runni m travelling by AC 1st class....
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By shreyank · 14 Mar 2010 4:23 pm
do i need to gve oscar ny medicine to prevent motion sickness?? n r der ny sleepin pills available for dogs as well?? il b goin to d vet b4 d trip...
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By Runni · 15 Mar 2010 11:22 am
If so then it wont be a problem as Oscar can stay with u in ur cabin, specially if the whole family is travelling. I will suggest u to arrive a well 2 hrs before departure & do the formalities.
He should not be motion sick while travelling by train. There are anti-vomit medicines available for dogs, ask ur vet for one. But I dont think he needs one.
U still need to carry a coller, metak chain & name plate.
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By shreyank · 15 Mar 2010 2:19 pm
hi runni, i contacted d railway authorities n dey said dat der is no need to buk him nor r der ny charges...
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By Neetika Khoda · 16 Mar 2010 10:44 pm
Here's what my experience has been.
1. Guard Cabin: The place is hot, cramped and down right hostile to a dog. I travelled with my Labrador some four years ago (Pathankot to Pune), and my husband had to argue with the guard every time he wanted to go and attend to the dog, since he just won't allow him into the cabin. Eventually he had to bribe him to keep coming there. And once the guard changed, the same story repeated. Also heat from the engine made the entire cabin very very hot even for a human, so you can imagine what was poor girl's condition by the time she reached Pune.
So now when we move, we either travel by car (1000 kms or less) or we send them with a person in the same truck as the luggage.
2. AC first class. For temp travels we did try to travel by first class. Here's what I have found:
A) When you book the first class, you will not be told your seat number until last minute since they never know a VVIP wants to travel and demands a particular cabin.
B) There are only one cabin with two berths, the rest have four berths.
C) So if you book two berths, there's no guarantee that you'll get the private cabin.
D) To take the dog in first class cabin, you have to submit an application in writing to the Station master on the day of your travel requesting the two berths' cabin, so that he may keep you in mind while eventually getting the chart up. However, there's no guarantee that you'll get that cabin.
E) You may take the dog in a cabin ONLY if your co-passenger is okay with a dog travelling in the same cabin. If in the course of the journey, some other co passenger objects, your dog will have to be transferred to the guard cabin.
F) If you want official details. Here's the URL
Rules -> Luggage
In the resultant frame look for "RULE AND RATES FOR CONVEYANCE OF DOGS :"
3. when you say railway authorities, who exactly do you mean? Did you talk to the station master? Do not believe anyone else. You wouldn't believe what all stories I had to listen to before finally stumbling on the ground reality.
4. Although sleeping pills are not advisable, sometimes they are the only way. They'll not make your dog dose off, they'll just make him lethargic, and groggy, so he won't be very anxious while travelling. Ask your vet for the medicines, I used Gardenal or Calmpose - two tablets for 8 hrs(Human medicines, as prescribed by her vet). But just be sure not to self medicate him.
All the best.
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By Neetika Khoda · 16 Mar 2010 10:47 pm
Oh yes, as Runni said, lots of water is necessary, although he'll do without food for a day, as he'll anyway not want to eat while travelling, he'll be very anxious anyway. Do keep lots of tasty treats and dry food handy...
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By shreyank · 17 Mar 2010 9:42 am
neetika, i hv buked d entire cabin wid four berth... n m nt sure if d person i spoke to ws d raiway master or sum other official.. thanks for d names of d medicines n i wont gve dem to oscar widout consultin his vet.. il meet his vet b4 goin..
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By Runni · 17 Mar 2010 9:52 am
If u have booked 4 berth then there will be no problem. Even if u need not to book ur dog, u still will have to inform the station master before boarding with ur dog, so keep an application handy.
My experiences were just opposite as Neetika's. Fortunately everytime the guard was helpful & I visited my dog at every 2-3 hrs. He said nothing neither I had to bribe him. The guard's cabin was at the last, so there was no heat from engine. I wont say the journey was very comfortable for my dog but he was ok.
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By Neetika Khoda · 17 Mar 2010 5:50 pm
Good for you. With 4 berths your dog should be comfortable. But make sure you specifically tell the station master (or at least the TTE) to give you one complete cabin, you never know what all weird combinations they come up with. Better safe than sorry/
Well, I am glad you didn't have to face what I did. Now we never, never travel by train with dogs, so that restricts where all we can go...
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By shreyank · 18 Mar 2010 9:06 am
thanks all for ur suggestions... hope v hv a nice journey together...
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