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I am giving my 5 months old GSD "Royal Canin GSD" dog food and his vaccination is also done.

I am giving my 5 months old GSD "Royal Canin GSD" dog food and his vaccination is also done. I want to analyze his growth like how tall he has to be at this time and what should be his weight, basically i want a growth chart of GSD. Can anyone help me in this.
By shantanu saini · 11 Jul 2010 3:19 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 11 Jul 2010 9:37 pm

like human dogs have also have different growth rate and muscle build. i have never seen two dogs who have same growth rate. you can prepare your own chart and keep tracking your boy.

make sure your dogs eyes looks bright,
coat looks good,
no weakness sign in rear and anus area always should look clean.

for weight there is no fixed dose of food you have to feed... feed you dog well... make sure you cant see your dog's ribs but can feel it with your finger when you rub his ribs area...

in case of any big variation in his growth record please visit your vet


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By bhartan · 16 Jul 2010 8:16 am
growth rates may vary, but generally a well bred GDS male should max out at 35 kgs/height 25.5 inches.
at 5 mo 22-24kg is correct weight. sebsequent gain of about 3 kg/month till 8mo and then he will slow down but still grow(rather slowly) a bit till 2 yo.
please get him off the RC junk.
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By Shyam Hattangdi · 21 Jul 2010 9:24 am
Go to https://www.mygermanshepherdpu ppy.com/

You will find the details you need.

Remember that feeding your dog less rather than more is safer as the bones in large breeds otherwise tend to have growth problems. Many recommend that you switch to adult food at 6 months age to slightly restrict growth rate - this will not in any way reduce the final size of the dog (which is in the genes) - all that it may do is attain maturity a few months later but will avoid all problems due to incorrect growth of bones which can be harmed by overweight during the growth stage.

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By Dikshant Singh · 05 Dec 2010 6:23 pm
hy shantanu ,
Royal Cannin is thee best dog food in the world even the breeders suggest it ! try to give him a boul of curd just after RC n about the growth chat .... he will grow readily tilll 8 mounths n after that a bit slow maintain your own records just give him proper diet n exercise & you'l find your Boy really handsome :)
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