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I have a 6 month old Lab i live in an apartment it sometimes gets a little difficult to control him?

hey i have a 6 month old lab. he's a very hyperactive dog and since i live in an apartment it sometimes gets a little difficult to control him. also since i am out mostly during the day i dont really get much time to spent with him. so what i want to know is that how can i help him channelize his energy and since i dont spent to much time with him he craves for attention but when i want to play with him he's always biting me so how can i deal with him what all activities can i do so we spent time and he doesn't feel neglected because i fear he might get more attaches do the maid than me since she's always around.
By Rishibha · 29 Mar 2010 10:27 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 30 Mar 2010 9:45 am
All big dogs need exercise and some way to channelise their energy and have something to do. Your dog is still a puppy and needs love and attention and someone to play with it and also train it in basic obedience. Its still not too late.

Since you live in an apartment you can fix up with your guard of the apartments or block to take your dog for a good walk morning and evening or your maid can do so also and give them a little extra for incentive. You will also need to do basic obedience training if you have not done so. Otherwise get a trainer. Do not keep him chained in the apartment and keep him open, but only after he gets his proper walks and someone is around as pups can get upto mischief, otherwise he can take out his boredom on furniture etc.

I dont think he will get more attached to the maid as long as you spend time with him after work and take him to the park etc and play with him on your off days or on sunday. Even after dinner you can take him every day for a walk. Otherwise what I see in the future is an unmanageable dog because of the owner and later it will be very difficult to get rid of bad habbits once formed.
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By Runni · 30 Mar 2010 12:00 pm
Give him plenty of toys to play & chew. Dont allow him to bite u. Follow the advises of Mr. Singh & ur dog will become more manageable gradually. But dont spoil him by too much love as u may be feeling guilty of not being able to be around. U must maintain ur control over him. Try to spend time after u come back, play with him or go out for a nice walk. Give him his dinner & comb his hairs before going to bed. Praise him for being a nice dog when he sits besides u to watch TV. And as already advised, training is must.
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