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I adore big dogs especially the Mastiffs and would like to buy one, help?

Hi I adore big dogs especially the Mastiffs and would like to buy one. But my lifestyle is a big hindrance. I am 29 yr old single investment banker, which means on an average I spend at least 12 hrs away from home on a weekday. I live in a reasonably spacious one bhk apartment 90 m2 approx. I am very much an outdoor guy, love going for runs, hikes etc. Hence I want a dog which could accompany me outdoors. I would really like to have either a bull mastiff, a french mastiff or a boxer. Could you please suggest me an appropriate breed based on my life style. And I really want a BIG dog, small ones wont fit my bill. Cheers Vinayak
By VINAYAK SINGH · 08 Jun 2011 3:21 pm


By CHETAN KURANE · 08 Jun 2011 9:49 pm
according ur life style and ur work i specially recommented a boxer breed for u
because they are very socialized dog's ....
ok bye..................
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By Ankush Mehra · 09 Jun 2011 6:11 pm
Hi vinayak very honestly you will need to do self research on this, I mean only you know your lifestyle and more. There are many questions you will need to answer yourself. Like in your absence who will be with the dog, will he be alone for major time of the day or is somebody going to be with your dog to feed, walk, etc.. So please do an extensive research on this, you will need to understand the breeds temperament its behavior patter exercise needs etc..
As for boxers are concerned they are not meant to be kept indoors I mean in a one bkh. They need space to jump run and move around they are high energy level dogs. Mastiffs on the other hand are okay with that much space but still not recommended space limit as while walking around they might damage or break things kept on tables, side tables.
My suggestion to you would be read about every breed you like and then decide which suits your lifestyle and also keep in mind vet bills as some breeds are prone to health problems.
Happy Selecting.!
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By pennypup · 18 Jun 2011 11:01 pm
Great Danes make wonderful apartment dogs. But they are not too big on exercise.
Greyhounds would probably be your best bet.
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