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What food shou;d i give my 13 months old gsd?

hi..i have a 13 months old gsd n lab mix..the main prob with my dog is..whatever the food i try for it it will only eat for few days..i have tried variety of foods for my dog..pedigree..curd rice..dal..boiled vegetables..milk with rice..chapathis..almonds..cashews..companion pets classic lamb flavour..whatever the food is it'll not show interest after few days..its jus 13 months now and i have changed these many types..and in these 13 months it was with me for 10 months..i took it as a 35 days old pup and 2 months i gave it for training due to personal probs..in these 10 months i have tried many types..even few times i tried making corn flour soup for it..it ate that for 1 week..again he stopped eating it..but he is very active and playing very well..i will get him dewormed every month..i will make him run for 3.5 kms every morning...this thing showed me some results..appetite of my dog was stable for few days..like a month..now again he started eating less food..i am jus feeding him 2 times a day..morning 250 gms of classic and evening curd rice, 2 chapathis and few almond..now he is not eating this food also properly..as i am a vegetarian till now i haven't tried any of the non veg food..i have read few articles on feeding raw food for dogs..they say that 2 to 3% of the body weight should be fed for them...so i decided to feed my dog with raw diet..my doubta are 1. can its digestive system withstand this?? 2. As i am a vegetarian i don't know which parts should be fed for them..wen i am going to those shops they are asking me many questions which i am unable to answer..they are asking me bone or boneless...which parts shouls i take?? 3. will that parts be containing blood?? 4. can it digest bones?? 5. will it get aggressive if i feed it with raw non veg food? please any one help me..
By chaitanya · 12 Mar 2012 8:51 pm


By ABHISHEK BONNERJEE · 12 Mar 2012 10:02 pm
Hi Chaitanya,
Dogs can well be vegetarian, no probe with that....if at all nothing changes, buy royal canin dry food for medium sized dogs, no need to feed raw non veg..with his usual food mix very little bit of royal canin it comes as very small button like pieces, or u can mix that in soup.Although royal canin is a bit expensive rs1500 approx for 4 kg packet, it is the best dry food available and the safest.
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By Rajesh Raghupathy · 14 Mar 2012 4:36 pm
Hi Chaitanya.. I cant comment on a dog being a vegetarian as i believe dogs are carnivores in wild.
I have been practising PMR for more than 6 months now and i can surely say that my dogs do great with raw food. They immune system has improved. Less hairfall. Very active.
If you want to follow PMR please read about the topic fully before practising. Dogs take a while to adapt to any new food.
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