I have 2.5 year laborador dog. He had stone removal surgery.What should be his diet from now?

Hi??I have 2.5 year laborador dog. He had stone removal surgery and ??now he is fine but tell me what to do with his diet. We are pure vegetarian and he love to eat soybean and banana. What should be his diet from now? Is dahi gud for him?Plsss tell me wat should he eat and wat shouldn't.??Eagerly waiting Thnxxx

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It is best to ask a vet what the best diet for your dog would be. He must be on antibiotics right now if he had a recent surgery. Make sure your dog gets plenty of fresh water. It's a good idea to mix canned food in with your dog's dry food to provide more moisture. I also recommend walking your dog frequently to encourage frequent urination. Also, I think soyabean and banana is fine but again you can check with your doc as well.
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Hi Shiwani,
Only vegetarian food for dogs is not right. You need to add meat to it. If you are uncomfortable feeding fresh meat, please substitute dry food. There are several good choices in India.

Dahi is good but in limited quantities only. Meat should be the staple ingredient.
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