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What weight should be 6month old female Rottweiler?

hi i have a 6month old female rottweiler. she is a very sweet girl but sometimes snaps at me . also doesn't like walking but loves to play with other dogs. is sttuborn ie if she wants to go in a certain direction then it is difficult to take her anywhere else. wanted to know , what age do they grow upto? what weight should she be at 6 months ? is very fussy about food , is on royal canine. sonia
By sonia · 15 Nov 2009 1:35 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 15 Nov 2009 5:59 pm
Classic example of a person buying a particular dog breed without doing any research about the breed and its requirements. It is because of this that there are so many homeless dogs. Dogs are not a fashion item that you buy because that particular breed may be popular or because you think it looks nice.

What you need is a trainer ASAP and involve yourself with the trainer while training the dog and no force should be used at all. Also I would suggest that you go buy a book on Rottweilers and read it as it will help you for the rest of the dogs life. The pup is just exerting itself. Now as a female pup is going it, that shows that you have no experience with big dogs at all and I dont think you have done any basic training which should start at 2 months plus for any puppy. Unless the pup which you have bough is without seeing the parents and the parents having a bit of a temperament problem, but I dont see that as the cause here.

You should also do proper socialisation of the pup, that is getting used to different situation an people.

As for the height Rottweiler females can be anywhere from 23 inches at the shoulders to 25 inches. There is no fixed weight for any puppy nor do I agree with it. As long as she is not fat she is ok. Rottweiler puppies are generally not fussy eaters and do really well on Gaint Breed Puppy food of Royal Canin. I personally have used it for my Rottweilers and have been very happy. How much to feed your pup will also be mentioned on the pack so read carefully. Twice a day food is enough, morning and evening. If she does not eat take the bowl away after about 15 20 minutes and do not feed tit bits unless for training, and feed again at the fixed time. It must also have a lot of clean water to drink always.

All the best, but do your homework about the breed. There is still time and train the pup, so that you can have a lovely dog for the rest of its life. They are not meant for everyone but can adapt really well as long as the owners understands their needs and requirements.
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By arsh sharma · 16 Nov 2009 12:47 am
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By Prashant Tehlan · 19 Nov 2009 6:48 pm
i hope you must have been calmed by the nice words from Arsh. Don't worry about anything. It's never too late to make amends. For rotties, 4-1/2 months is the right age since their baby brain is about to fully mature by this time. You can start training anytime after this, but would be better if you are enrolled with a trainer before it is 8 months of age. And, by the way, never leave the dog with the trainer alone, be sure to be there with them yourself. After all, you are the master of the dog. It is because of people like Dinkar that there are so many homeless dogs. First, they can't encourage someone to adopt/own pets and moreover they even discourage to any extremes on keeping the pets.

I myself have 2 dogs. One of them is a 3 month old Rott bitch. I am very happy with them and am still looking forward to having one or two more in the future. Any pets that you can of are worth keeping. They have such calming influence on you.

I hope Dinkar would resist from doing this in the future.
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By Dinkar Singh · 21 Nov 2009 5:18 pm
Prashant ....I dnt encourage or discourage anyone from keeping pets I only advise people to better understand the different breeds that they plan to keep and if it suits them only then to go get one. So I dnt understand what u mean by 'because of people like Dinkar that there are so many homeless dogs'. Please read all by answers/ advise given to people first before commenting. You mention ' For rotties, 4-1/2 months is the right age since their baby brain is about to fully mature by this time.' Have you ever kept Rottweiler for 8 years or like in my case had them for over 20 odd years. Also have you ever read anything in depth about Rottweiler. Well if you had you would not have made the above mentioned comment about Rottweiler maturity. And by the way training should be started at 2 months plus. Pick up any dog book and read it.

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By Ravinder · 21 Nov 2009 9:38 pm
lol Prashant Dinkar was only responding with suggestive nature, i've read many of his posts, all he says is out of experience. If he suggested this dog is beyond correction I must have missed it.
Thing is when u have a dog like a rottweiler u need to know in ur bond with the dog u cannot ever act in a submissive nature, once u do the dog will try to take advantage of ur submissive side again. Dogs learn to repeat anything that works for them, pulling on the leash is the most obvious sign of dominant behavior in a dog, budding or established. And this dominance starts to reflect in the dogs overall behavior, n someone without that research and experience on their bahavior will discard these symptoms saying that the dog is just being silly, or that its not an intelligent dog. Therefore obidience training is quite important for this breed, it establishes the belief of ur authority in the dog, keeps a cap on his over all behavior and disposition towards everything. If the dog believes itself to be the dominant one in the relationship, it'll take it upon itself to protect its human companion and make decisions of how to treat strangers within the territorial parameters.
The most prominent period for the rottweiler growth is 3-7 months, there on it will slow down.. it won't come to a halt, working dogs begin their training usually at 8 months.. until then they r taught nothing more then very basic obidience. Of course ppl choose their own course.
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By Prashant Tehlan · 22 Nov 2009 12:26 am
By the looks of it, i don't think we can help you Mr Dinkar. For your knowledge, i have kept dogs for more than 27 years now, two or more dogs at any given time. Yes, i had a rottweiler earlier too, around 12 years back, lived for 11 years. Rottweiler knowledge, get any dog, any day, and you would rue betting my knowledge about dogs. Still, i believe people do make mistakes and can do things out of prude which they normally shouldn't. It's all human nature. Have good time.
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By Dinkar Singh · 22 Nov 2009 9:51 am
No comments its pointless having this talk anymore.
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By gautam sawant · 22 Nov 2009 2:49 pm
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By gautam sawant · 22 Nov 2009 2:52 pm
hey guys,
Mr prashant , i feel ur remarks are more personal rather based on facts
i agree wid Mr Dinkar ( only thing is that he should have coated some sugar )
it is a fact that people buy a dog and then start lookin for information which is too late
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By gautam sawant · 22 Nov 2009 2:57 pm
Having a dog as pet is a basic idea
but going for a particular breed should be based on study of breed triat and requirement
one cannot have a caravan hound in a appartment
and if one does ,it completly injust to the dog as it is meant for open space
it is a injustice done to dog only to satisfy our want
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By gautam sawant · 22 Nov 2009 3:02 pm
Rotts are big dog , they are breed as working dog , they are very good watch and gaurd dog , they need proper training and firm handling
Ms sonia do u need a gaurd dog or a dog to for a evening walk ( labs or golden ret would have been ideal)
ne ways now that u have one , put it for traing asap
and contact people owning rott for working suggestions !!
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By Dinkar Singh · 22 Nov 2009 5:27 pm
Thanks Samir for agree with me.
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By nitin · 15 Jan 2010 9:29 pm
hello i m nitin rotty is very good dog but ur cammd thik the treining u tel the dog no friest cammad is no u strik u r saund mena u canrrol ur dog she is not the lab. she is rotty
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