My labrador has chewing problem, help?

Hi, I have a labrador puppy of 9 months. He chews everything he can get his hands, or rather teeth, on. He especially likes to chew on wood. As he gets older, it has only started becoming worse and all the furniture at my place is chewed at several places and the loss is immense. Still, I would like to know if there is a solution to this problem? I have tried giving nylabones and raw hide. He finished the raw hide within an hour and then moves on to chewing furniture, and has shredded his nylabones into smaller pieces.
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Hi there,
There nothing in this world that a dog realistically can't do! At 9 months of age & being a Labrador he must be full of energy & must be pumped up for doing something each day. your probable causes :
0) Poor leadership skills : Be commanding to ur dog. They seek a good pack leader.
1) Lack of exercise : Give 1hr vigorous exercise every day. Running, Hide n Seek, ball retrieve etc.
2) positive correction : Correct the dog every time he start to do that. Get a choke chain & correct him gently, If persistent then firmly.
3) Bribe him : Every time he does something good...treat bits, carrot etc.
4) Start feeding Raw Chicken(with skin & bones). Best form of natural food & gives plenty of exercise while eating! & also relaxes his taste buds! Dont worry he'll do fine with it. Start with a whole chicken leg.
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The reason why he is so destructive can be the fact that you are not providing him enough physical stimulation. How much exercise do you offer him. Labradors are working animal and it needs a lot of exercise. They need 2-3 kilometers of daily walk and little bit of running. If you keep them inside the home without giving daily exercise they tend to become bored and may make these mischief.
I thing you can go for kong toys as they are very durable and won't be destroyed so easily. Try to take the dog on long walk and try to make him feel tired. You can take him to a local park and allow him to run freely. This is very necessary.
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Such things are usually we call vices and sometimes may be a reason for PICA( a nutritional disturbance). I would recommend you to do three things:
1. Cover all your furniture with neem oil( due to its pungent smell he will stop licking and biting, or buy any such product available in market)
2.Take him for regular exercise outside and play with him. Punish him when he does the same act again but at the same time reward him when he follows your command but that is not going to be easy for you as his age is crossing.
3.Give him Calcium tablets two tab daily. like Calcium sandoz.

Let me know once you tried this.
Dr.Sri krishna Mishra~
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