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Please suggest me the vaccination process?

Hi, I have recently bought two 8-in-1 vaccines (Vanguard Plus) for my pup, which I will apply after 3 weeks. I have received the following bottles: 2 X Vanguard Plus 5/L 2 X Canine Coronavirus Vaccine (FirstDose CV) There is no bottle of Leptoferm C-I. Is that okay? When my vet injected 7-in-1 vaccine last week, he had mixed Vanguard 5 with Leptoferm C-I. What is the administration of Vanguard Plus 5/L ? Should it be mixed with the content of Canine Coronavirus Vaccine (FirstDose CV) bottle? Have I missed to get Leptoferm C-I bottles with the Vanguard Plus? The vets in my city are not experts, so I am worried that they don't end up doing something silly, so confirming with you. Please let me know the directions of how to apply this vaccine so I can double check it my vet when he comes to inject. And I want to make sure that I have received the right thing. Please let me know. Thank you.
By Aditya · 15 Nov 2011 1:46 am


By Patricia · 02 Apr 2012 9:56 pm
to be sincere with you man i really dont think is good to use those 8 in one or seven in one vaccines. these vaccines are more capable of causing a vaccine reaction, and sometimes they dont even work!!!! is better and SAFER FOR YOUR ANIMAL to administer 1 ingredient vaccine at a time with a 3 week distance between vaccines

if you dont find 1 ingredient vaccines in INDIA then even 2 ingredient or 3 ingredient BUT TRY TO NEVER USE 4,5 6,7,8 INGREDIENTS....it mught be harmful to the dog
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yashkant gaur

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By · Buying a puppy · 20 Feb 2015 10:28 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My 2.5 months old GSD pup bit me accidentally while playing and she is not vaccinated for rabies yet. Is there any need for my vaccination for anti r ... Read More
By Vikram Sharma · Buying a puppy · 05 Jun 2013 3:53 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
What should i do before giving my dog yearly vaccine?
By Madhurima Majumdar · Buying a puppy · 31 Jul 2012 12:42 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Thank s a lot to all of your support for my queries to solve. Now I take another lab male puppy of 40 days .he is very energetic and sweet take him fr ... Read More
By DEBRAJ · Buying a puppy · 08 Mar 2012 1:45 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hi guys i have a gsd 14 months , currently he is getting his vacination done so far he had shot for 1. rabbies 2. pyro and destemper as per my vet t ... Read More
By gautam sawant · Buying a puppy · 05 Jan 2011 11:44 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Can I take my 3 month old puppy outside for a walk after giving her the final vaccine?
By Zea · Buying a puppy · 06 Jul 2010 2:43 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Can anyone please suggest where can i get vaccines like corona, anti rabbies and 7 in 1 in delhi, NCR region of good company like pfizer.
By Kapil Chaudhary · Buying a puppy · 25 May 2010 11:12 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Which vaccine is betta- 7in 1 or 9 in 1?
By shreyank · Buying a puppy · 12 Nov 2009 5:55 pm · Reply Now

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