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Which dog food should i give my pug, please suggest?

Hi, i stay in kolkata. i have 2 pug one is of four month age and another is of three month. please suggest me which dog food should i give them. till before last 15 days i was giving then lactal and nestum. now some one suggested me DROOLS. from last 15 days they are having small breed puppy of DROOLS please suggest me if it is a cheap and best doog food or not? should i change it? if yes then what should i go for?
By sudipta ghosh · 09 Feb 2012 11:56 am


By Navjot Singh · 09 Feb 2012 9:54 pm
Drools and Pedigree are not good. You should either go for Eukanuba or Royal Canine. Both are good in terms of dog nutrition. Royal Canine even have breed specific diets. You have small breed puppies so you don't have to feed as much as a Labrador owner has to. So cost shouldn't really be any problem.
I'd suggest you to rather feed home-cooked diet to your dogs. Packed food is full of preservatives which can cause long run health problems. You an feed following home-cooked items to your dogs:
1) Boiled eggs
2) Curd
3) Chicken mixed with rice ( You can feed bone less chicken consisting of chicken chest and liver.
4) Boiled vegetables free of spices and salts.
You will realise feeding home-cooked diet is cheaper than commercial packed food.
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By Danish Ahmad · 20 Feb 2012 9:20 pm
All packed food contain presetives which is not dog for dogs. u cn feed them home made foods, i would suggets u to star BARF feeding its best n fresh n all natrul... and u cn feed ur dogs bone and raw chicken and other meat stuff...just never give them COOKED BONES, they can digest row bones bt cants digest cooked one. And i think BARFing will cost u much less then Royal canine or Eukanuba, and do lots of research befor swithcing to BARF

https://www.njboxers.com/faqs. htm
https://www.rawlearning.com/ra wfaq.html
https://www.miniature-schnauze r-australia.com/barf_diet_for_ dogs.html

good luck :D
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