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I am having St Bernard ,what to feed hin and who much should be his weight by now?

hi, im having st bernard its 3 months old now, what to feed hin and who much should be his weigt by now? and when should i start training. one of the police dog trainer told that he will start training after it is 4months ols. so what should i do?
By mohan · 19 Jan 2010 3:01 pm


By adarsh · 23 Jan 2010 8:56 pm
hi,feed him pedigree meat and milk{excellent results} if you want low price feed,if u can pay more feed him royal canin a3,if u want high priced feed feed royal canin giant.all these have gorgeous results.his weight at 3 months should be16-20 kg surely.if he is less, be alert,it is not good.start training right now.you are already very late.dont waste even 1 day.u r not dog trainer.trainers r professionals,they can give full time and attention but u cant.so be late than never.
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By adarsh · 23 Jan 2010 8:57 pm
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By bhartan · 29 Jan 2010 2:40 pm
Gradually shift him to a meat based diet. The dog should have raw meaty bones as well. They are capable of handling meat and meaty bones (raw) from 3-4 weeks of age and do best on such food.
Stay away from grain based kibble.
Should be over 20 kgs.
Dogs can be trained at any age. Of course younger is better.
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By maithili · 18 Feb 2010 9:04 pm
as i have said b4 feed ur dog rice chicken/ mutton .. ass little skin or animal fat to the meat. make sure to give him calcium everyday . also give him glossycoat and megaflex as a supplement in breakfast everyday. try giving ven cal as its v easy to administer . if chicken skin is not available then put little ghee in food as ur dog needs lill fat . mix a handful of pedigree puppy in verey meal . exercise is very important . ure dog must exercise lots . he must run at slow pace . muscle building is very important as they are a giant breed and will have weak hinds so good muscle stature will help him. exercise him atleast 2ce a day ie before sunrise and after sunset . ur dog will be very lethargic during the time when the sun is out
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By maithili · 18 Feb 2010 9:07 pm
make sure he is not on slippery floor and tiles all the time.
u must understand what ur dog is all about . what are ur expectations from ur dog ?? what do you want to train him for . your dog should basucally know the command ; COME, SIT, DOWN, STAY , HEEL. you dont need a trainer for this . read on the internet how to train and train ur dog urself . ull find it to help in bonding between both of u and ull will understand each other better . however potty training is important too . keep his food bowl at one designated place only . ur dog is capable of and MUST run 500 mtrs at slow pace atlest 2ce a day . do not let ure dog become obese
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By maithili · 18 Feb 2010 9:09 pm
DO NOT send ure saint to police training . ur dog may not be able to take the pressure as saints are slow in the head . besides wait till 6 months to put him through formal traing with trainers
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