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My 3 years old GSD is not passing urine, help?

By arsh sharma · 19 Dec 2011 11:39 pm


By gspal · 21 Dec 2011 12:40 pm
Get a full abdominal ultrasound especially to check kidneys, liver, bladder and urinary tract. It may have calculi (stone) in its bladder and/or urinary tract blocking the flow of urine. Try Nefrotec DS (made by Himalaya) one tab twice a day after meals. This was prescribed for my companion pet by a surgeon in Lucknow as there is no provision for lazer treatment for breakup of calculi in Lucknow. All the best.
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By arsh sharma · 21 Dec 2011 11:10 pm
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By nishant · 06 Feb 2012 12:06 pm
i know one person who can help you in that..please visit following website...
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By gspal · 07 Feb 2012 12:50 pm
@Nishant who is the vet you are talking about at https://www.dognamesdognames.c om/ or related website https://www.dogblogpedia.com/a bout-u ?
Arsh's GSD has a serious problem either due to nephro-uro-calculi or/and UTI infection. There is more information on this subject at https://www.2ndchance.info/cal culi.htm. A diet of restricted but high quality calcium, protein, phosphrous and magnesium is required.
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By nishant · 07 Feb 2012 1:38 pm
ok...i have just give my best suggestion....this website provides all safety i mean care for puppy.... https://www.dognamesdognames.c om">Dog names
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By gspal · 07 Feb 2012 11:48 pm
@Nishant. Thanks.
@Arsh Sharma. In continuation of my earlier post on full abdominal radiography of your GSD, today my vet in Lucknow, Dr. V.K. Pandey, suggested Farmina Dog food for my Bozo, a male Spitz, suffering from radiographic finding of nephro-cysto-lithiasis (kidney and bladder stones). Farmina, a new Italy based entrant that announced its launch on November 26, 2011 at the international symposium of WSAVA at Hyderabad, is based in Gurgaon, +91 9313038504. In particular I am now going to attempt their product Vet Life Ossalati, a complete dietetic food for adult dogs formulated to reduce urate, oxalate and cystine calculi being low on calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein, https://www.farmina.com/?q=en/ c ontent/product/farmina-vet-lif e-ossalati. Their being no laser treatment for cystolithiasis in Lucknow, I have been giving it Himalaya's Nefrotic DS one tab b.i.d. after meals and Himalaya's Digitone 2 mL in milk, but was hard put what to give as food other than home extracted paneer with chapatti & some Regale Adult (though the latter is not entirely suited for its medical diagnosis). Depending on radiographic studies, KFT & LFT blood test, and urinalysis you/your vet could also look into other products of Farmina like Vet Life Renal or Struvite. They also have normal dog and cat food products. The main source of their protein is dehydrated chicken meat or/and dehydrated whole eggs. A great relief for me on making this finding away from the NOT SO Royal Canin's "meat and animal derivatives".
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By Dawn · 11 Apr 2012 10:32 pm
@Arsh Sharma.... My Dachshund has stones in her bladder and the vet has put her on Neprotec DS one in the morning and one at night. However what is really important is the diet he prescribed for her called "HILLS C/D DIET FOR URINARY TRACT". She eats only this food and it makes her drink a lot of water which has helped flush out some stones. Please offer your pet this food for life as it is the only solution to preventing more formation of stones. The vet said that it could also happen due to metabolism failure or the dog taking in very limited water. Rule out surgery...though your pet is young you can put her through it...but nowadays it is very hard to find a vet in India who can be trusted..I have been duped 4 times and I have lost faith in these vets...key hole surgery is available in big cities and it will be the safest if you decide on it. but as of now THE HILLS DIET IS A BLESSING. you can read it on the website also.
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By gspal · 13 Apr 2012 2:16 am
@Dawn. Thanks for the information. However, I am a bit skeptical of the contents of all these prescription diet kibbles as they only sound big on price tags . My male German mixed Spitz does not now like Farmina Vet Life Renal that had cost me Rs1050 for the 1 kg pack. I think it is because it is low on fat and chicken protein like Venky's Regale Puppy (I had switched by Spitz to it because of smaller kibbles as compared to larger kibbles of Regale Adult). My vet suggested Royal Canin Renal Diet. However, I am trying one-time/day small amount of Venky's Regale Puppy softened by soaking in water. The other meals are a dish twice a day comprising of a small chapatti mixed with wet paneer and isabgol, and small amounts of Amul "Taza" (not "Gold" i.e. full cream) milk with a pinch of baking soda twice a day. We give it a tab of Acilox for acidity and 2 mL of Digitone both once a week. This is in addition to Nefrotec-DS twice a day. It drinks and pees copiously now with a falling creatinine & BUN and rising urine pH. However, I will keep a lookout for a small pack of Hills C/D for urinary tract to see if it likes it. Spitz are very fussy. Like Farmina I do not want to waste my money on kibble that it does not like as in the end it is the street dogs that get to eat it!
@Arsh Sharma How is your GSD? What is the diagnosis and treatment plan? It has been four months since you had made a post on the same. Do let us know all about it.
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By arsh sharma · 06 May 2013 11:41 pm
Sorry friends For Delay.....I actually lost my laptop so I am replying so late....He was having UTI....I gave hi cefixime syrup twice a day...Thanx a lot
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By Himanshu Sharma · 04 Feb 2014 7:27 pm
i am in a same condition as yours..my pet is a Spitz and is 13yrs old and is suffering from stone problem.. am in lucknow and still there is no lazer treatment facility here..can you please help me?
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