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My Rottweiler does not bark, how to make hom little aggressive?

My name is Deb. I recently have got a rottweiler male. Now he is 6 months old. I have got an very aged GSD male also from childhood. His vision is impaired with age. My Rottweiler does not bark from childhood and only growls sometimes while play but never gets angry and bark or bark at anyone even stranger,street dogs. Its frustrating and also worrying. Recently he got attacked by many big stray dogs and one of them bit him badly on back thigh for which I had to get him post rabies vaccine. please suggest how to 1. Make him fearless 2. A little aggressive and angry 3. To bark at strange things and stranger we live in a place where there are thieves and vicious stray dogs ,and for them he has to be bold and aggressive little. Please suggest some technique how to do it.

By Debojyoti Sarkar · 18 Jun 2014 8:50 am


By Ashish Raghuvanshi · 20 Jun 2014 9:53 pm
Rotties are powerful intimidating dogs and they can be excellent guard dogs. Not all dogs are same they all have different characters. What u need to understand is that when it needs to be angry or in protection mode he will be. IF u want that your dog should become aggressive and bark at strangers then from now on if anyone enters your house (a stranger that he doesn't know) isolate him, don't let your dog meet him or greet him. This will create friction and he will get aggressive at strangers and bark at them if you do this 20-25 times but be aware that once he s de-socialised he can become pretty dangerous. And for the other dogs don't do anything now let him soak it in he will himself understand everything once he gets older
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By Navjot Singh · 21 Jun 2014 8:27 pm
Debojyoti Sarkar, please remember, you have kept a dog, an animal, not a loaded pistol!! Not being rude or anything...
You expect a 6 month old dog to be aggressive?? your dog is still undergoing the growing stage wherein you need to be more focused towards his overall development, like socialisation, dieting, exercise, training, vaccination...
Your dog will become bold and confident on his own if you do your homework as a pet owner. Expose your dog to different situations, like take him near busy road, let him play with other dogs, allow him to experience different people, animal..your dog will become mature on his own..
The tendency of being protective in dog comes very naturally in dogs and their is no so-called technique to develop this tendency..Even a pug will try to protect his family if he feels it's in danger..
When it comes to rottweiler, one should remember that these dogs ARE POWERFUL AND THEY DON'T HESITATE TO SHOW THAT POWER..An untrained and unsocialised rottweiller can extremely be dangerous and fatal..
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By Debojyoti Sarkar · 24 Jun 2014 9:00 am
thanks a lot ...ok i got it ,, but should i take him before other dogs as other dogs come chasing him and he gets scared.taking him outside now at this stage wherein stray dogs are there is inducing fear/phobia in his mind . so should i stop exposing him to stray dogs till he grows little more. please suggest ...
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By Navjot Singh · 02 Jul 2014 10:05 pm
Debojyoti Sarkar, I would suggest you not to let him socialise him with stray animals because as you said, they are wary of him and are likely to attack him and there is a risk of these dogs being infected with Rabies. So let him socialise with only vaccinated dogs.
Always carry a thick stick with yourself when you take your dog outside. Some stary dogs can be notorious and can attack your dog without being feared of humans. So, to scare them off carry a broad stick with yourself.
Right now, your dog is still a puppy and he is still learning to protect his territory...he will learn this only over time and you being a parent has to infuse a lot of confidence by helping him socialise with different animanls and people...Over the period of time, you will find your puppy has grown up into a confident dog....so have patience..
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By Sudha Salian · 14 Oct 2014 10:34 pm
Hello Deb,

I hope by this time your Rottie pup has grown well.

Stray dogs cannot be avoided. They are very territorial & do not appreciate a new dog within their territory. To overcome these stray dogs, either let the bluecross know or when you take for walks, take a stick with you. Holding a stick in your hand - enforces you to be the pack leader. Of course, stray dogs will still come, but there will be a little hesitation in them. When they come near, ward them off using the stick. The dogs will go away. Upon the usage of the stick - the situation will come to control, but it will take time.

I live in a similar situation here. I have a lab & a Golden. Although there is no issues of thieves, but every street that I can possibly turn to, there are a minimum of 5 stray dogs who look on me and my dogs as predators. I walk with a stick in hand & I enforce it when needed. By doing this, my dogs see me as a pack leader & also trust that I will take care of them & there is no need to fear.
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