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My problem is that I am a hardcore dog lover but don't have a dog, please suggest?

Hi My problem is that I am a hardcore dog lover but don't have a dog. Mainly coz I am working woman and in my absence there's no one to look after it. I stay in Delhi with my relative in a flat and have parks also nearby but when I'll leave for office the puppy will be alone. My working hrs will be upto 8-9 hrs . Is there any solution? I'll take a very gud care of my dog but the only thing to worry about is my working status.
By Shweta Singh · 10 Dec 2008 3:57 pm


By Subhajit · 11 Dec 2008 4:06 am
Hi Shweta,

Genuine concern but something which can be taken care off....it really depends on how what kind of dog you keep, how much exercise they need, the time you can spend with him/her, the place where you stay and so on. I have 2 dogs (lab & a dane) and i work for 10-12 hrs daily and really its not that difficult. Though it requires a lot of patience and u might wanna forego few of your daily chores...BUT every minute with them is worth the nickel. I am no expert..but wanted to share my thoughts as i had this dilemma too. Now i cherish my dogs..i am glad to have them in my life. I kinda ran a wild-card search for you, you might wanna checkout these links:
a)https://animal.discovery.com /breedselector/dogselectorinde x.do
b)https://www.weeno.com/art/04 99/35.html
c)https://healing.about.com/od /askkim_qa/f/whatbreedog.htm
You can also visit www.dogbreedinfo.com for the different breeds and their requirements. GET A DOG!! :-)
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By Benny Kennels · 11 Dec 2008 11:45 am
You cannot go for a puppy due to ur long hours of working but you can go for semi adult dogs. Take them as a pair so in ur absence they will have company of each other and there will not be much to worry about. Initally you will find little difficulties in finding a dog and make them settle with you. But once every thing is fixed you will really love their company. Its worth meeting some difficulty to have the lovely creature with you. First of all select a breed which will be suitable for ur apartment life (say a small breed or a breed which dont demand much of exercise) and then get a suitable company for him. I belive semiadult dogs or adult dogs will be suitable for you as you need not worry about house training them and training them and so on. When you take a adult dog you need not feed them three times or four times a day , just one or two times will be ok and that you can do when you are in the home. I know many friends who are working have dogs and live happily with their company. I don't know if this suggestion helped you. But any way wish you all the best.
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By Priya Shergill · 17 Dec 2008 5:34 pm
Dogs thrive in human Company. Shweta as much as you love Dogs, don't you think it is unfair to leave a Dog alone for long periods. They look so sad when the owners are about to leave the house and they miss them all day.
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By Andy · 27 Jan 2009 8:46 am
Your life style( long working hours) are not in tunning with, to raise responsible and sound puupy.
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By DoggieDawg · 30 Jan 2009 11:18 am
We are a working couple who live with our doggie baby Rocky . He is an Indian dog whom we have rescued . Sure he stays alone 7-9 hrs 5 days a week in the house with only the maid coming at around 1 to take him for a walk . Apart from adequate food , water , bedding we give him chew bones , real bones to pass his time .

We would love to have another dog for company but at this juncture of life its just not possible .

Rocky being the great Indian dog is used to of being alone . He has adjusted really well to this life style . He is also very smart & affectionate and has learned commands like sit , down paw , bang , eat , fetch very quickly .

We play fetch with him everyday and take him for walk 4-5 times in a day .

So the point I am trying to make is that one might not be able to provide the perfect environment for a dog but by adopted a street dog you are giving him a home & family which is certainly better than none & streets .
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By Benny Kennels · 30 Jan 2009 11:22 am
Very good suggestion Misha. Ofcourse Indian dogs can live alone for long hours and again we are providing them with shelter and food which is not available for most of them. Thank you
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