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Need some urgent actionable advice regarding our adopted pet dog?

Hi, Need some urgent actionable advice regarding our adopted pet dog , Chotu. History: Found Chotu outside my office in March , 2010.He must've been around 2-3 months old then and was grossly malnourished. Decided to bring him home to my sister and brother-in-law , and he has been with us since then. Requisite vaccinations have been given. Till 2 months back, Chotu had been growing up well , with normal growing up traits , alongwith good health. However , his behaviour over the last 6 weeks has changed.Following are certain aspects of his behavioural pattern of late: 1. Aggressiveness during sleep : Doesn't allow anyone any movement whatsoever in his proximity.If anyone does, he snarls , and in most cases, charges. 2.More aggressive towards the males (myself and brother-in-law) 3.His aggressive mood is NOT specific to any time of the day. 4.Aggression also caused by outiside house factors, like , if he encounters other street dogs druing his walks,he gets scared outside , but once he is bck inside the house , he retaliatles/vents his anger by charging at us. 5. Does not allow anyone to approach the master bedroom, more so if my sister(Atreyee) is inside. We had him neutered on Sunday, 14th Nov'10 on the advice of his regular vet who sited his sexual maturity as the ONLY cause for this agression. However, we have not seen any signs of improvement so far. The situation is such that, we have to be on gaurd at all times in the house because his mood can fluctuate without a apprent reason. We stay in an apartment and it is becoming al mot impossible to keep him like this. Please advice. Thanks Aniruddha Note:Month and half back he was diagnosed with scabies and took a course of Some injections and antibiotics.
By Atreyee Deka · 17 Nov 2010 12:56 pm


By Swaminathan Ravi · 17 Nov 2010 2:57 pm
I got my dog neutered too as the vet suggested it as a solution for aggression. The aggression can be a personality trait ( as in my dog) and may not go away due to neutering. However the kind of unnecessary aggression towards the owners might also be a personality defect which you could correct by being stern and use of reasonable force.
As for the results of neutering they are not instantaneous and will take time to show as the Testosterone secreted will persist in the blood for a particular amount of time.
Diagnosing the problem as either pathological aggression or dominant aggression will require more information regarding his training his tail carriage and whether he tries to mark everything inside the home.
Sleep aggression is fairly common among dogs which as puppies were on the street and had to constantly be alert. It can be alleviated by petting, talking and touching the dog as he is resting but not yet asleep.
From the above picture it looks like Dominant aggression. You can cure it by always walking ahead of him through doors, into rooms, etc. Being firm with him if he does something hes not supposed to, and simple things like keeping your foot/hand on top of him while he's sitting at your feet. Also discourage any acts of marking furniture, mounting your leg, etc.
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By Swaminathan Ravi · 17 Nov 2010 9:38 pm
Well, treatment for scabies in dogs is usually application of a miticide with steroid ointments.. probably prednisolone as far as im aware. I think that steroid use might have caused a spurt of aggression although im doubtful about that. Still try to cut out his dominance and your problem will most likely disappear.
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