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Male Pomeranian whis is 4 years old has recently stopped eating, please help?

Hi, Our Male Pomerian whis is 4 years old has recently stopped eating. He was shown to a Vet at Goa. The vet prescribed him medicines but could not give him drips as the dog was very aggressive. Dr. gave one bottle of injection and asked us to buy the tablets which has a potency of 600 mg., 2 syrup bottles. Inspite of taking the medicines, the dog does not like to eat as he used to do earlier. We are worried as now the dog has stopped eating since 4 days. The dog likes fish, if rice is given it refuses to eat the same without the fish. This was before the dog could become sick. Could you please advise how can this dog recover. Regards Celes
By Celes · 29 Dec 2010 9:42 pm


By Swaminathan Ravi · 29 Dec 2010 10:12 pm
a friend of mine has a male pom 5 yrs old who had similar symptoms and refused to eat and used to keep throwing up regularly in bouts of half hour each. After investigation they found a diverticulum in the oesophagus which in turn punctured his lung and after 3 months of agony he was finally cured by homeopathy.
I urge you to please take precautions and get him investigated properly with an X Ray to rule out any stuck bones/ objects. How are his motions?
Also, have him dewormed to rule out severe infestations.
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