Hi..where can I get a registered mastiff(brindle)?

I have little experience with dogs and want a guard dog with less grooming and exercise needs so thought of keeping a mastiff(English)..i have searched quite a lot of content n got knowledge about the breed ..any suggestions?

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Mastiffs make for the best companions if you have the space to accommodate such big babies. So, if your heart is set out on a giant couch puppy who remains a puppy for the longest time, then Mastiffs are absolutely perfect for you. If you are a first-time owner or live in an apartment, then you might want to consider some other breed. This breed is low maintenance, however, they come with a lot of other health issues too. Every dog needs attention and grooming. While it may vary from breed to breed, Mastiffs, as opposed to other dog breeds, are relatively less maintenance when it comes to grooming.聽Mastiffs are super friendly family dogs. With proper training, these dogs can actually be the most loyal and affectionate family members. English mastiffs are born with a protective instinct. They can sometimes be overprotective and over territorial. This happens more so when they are not social enough. You need to make sure you get them used to the look and feel of your home, the presence of other family members and pets around you. It is also very important to train your mastiffs as they can get a bit notorious at times. Your dog may be very happy to laze around the house but it is still very important to give them the right amount of exercise. This helps them release the pent up mental and physical and mental energy.聽 English Mastiff dogs have a smooth and short coat that is easy to groom. As long as you use a comb with a firm bristle, it is fairly easy to maintain their coats. Get your dog used to regular grooming sessions. These dogs also don鈥檛 need to be bathed too often. So, fortunately, a great breed in terms of grooming and care.It is important to check out the breeder before you choose your pup to come home. It is important to know the behaviour and health of their parents. Talk to your breeder and meet the litter before you finally choose the pup. It is best to speak to a well-known vet before you get your puppy home. Hope this answers your question.
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