What home food should i feed my 45 days old lab puppy.

I bought him when he was 35 days old, i never intended to buy anyone younder than 2-3 months, but no breeder has any puppy older than 35 because they say it gets difficult for them to adap which i know is a lie..and when i saw how he was treating him o was glad i took him.he is very active and playful, he wieghs 1.7kg and got his first vaccine..i want to feed him home foods but have no idea which food, some blogs say milk while some say milk is very harmful.right now he is on puupy cerelac 5 times a day,as recommended by the vet..his last feeding time is 7pm and bed time is 10.i m a middle class person so packaged food for all times is not what i can afford at present may bye after one year after my internship in hospital is over but i also want him to have proper nutrition..plz anyone who feed ur dogs and puppy homemade food recommend some diets i will be really thankfull. Also can anyone tell me is he can have daliya??
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Pets are loved and cared a lot especially if it is a dog. When you bring a puppy to your home you need totake a lot of care for the new member. In the initial few days, it might seem very difficult but as timepasses and you gradually become comfortable with your puppy, it can be one of the most amazingfeelings of the world.Dogs are very caring and faithful by nature. They understand human emotions very well. It takes no timefor them to get involved in a family. They are not only adorable but also helps to bring life in the house.They make your house perfect and complete. People who do not have a puppy in their home will neverbe able to understand this. However, taking care of the puppies in the initial days can be very strenuousand tough.You need to take care of the puppy like a baby. Getting a puppy for your home can initially be a lot ofwork. You need to take care of the puppy very well as they tend to chew anything that they get. So youneed to keep things such as electrical wires, breakable items, etc things out of their reach.Food that you can provideOften when you bring a little puppy at your home, you need to keep extra care of its food and keeping itsafely in a warm place. Puppies are nursed properly in every two to three hours in the initial week oftheir life. After 30 days, they are gradually fed with solid food. This is the time when gradually the puppystarts eating solid food but in gruel form. So if you want to feed your puppy with home food then makesure of two things The food must be properly soaked into lukewarm milk or water as per your convenience The food must be gruesome so that the puppy can easily gulp it.This is usually done in small quantities many times a day. As the puppy grows, the content of milk in hisfood can be gradually reduced.Type of home food that you can provideKeep in mind this simple thing that your 45 days old puppy cannot eat and digest solid food easily.Therefore providing gruel some home food is the best solution at this time. The type of food that youcan provide Milk or water-soaked biscuits Milk soaked rice that is easy to gulpApart from this, your veterinarian can also suggest the correct timing and amount of food that you needto feed your puppy. Feeding a puppy can sometimes become very strenuous as they often refuse to eat.So it is often suggested to feed them food with a spoon.You need to take care of your puppy like a newborn baby until it becomes a little bit bigger. The youngerpuppies are more adorable and need a lot of care and attention. Puppies get easily attached to thefamily members.
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