Can I Use Humans Vitamin Syrup For Dog. Name Of Syrup Vokzyme Plus /Composition - Fungal Diastase

Can I Use Humans Vitamin Syrup For Dog. Name Of Syrup Vokzyme Plus /Composition - Fungal Diastase With Pepsin
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*Please note that the information provided here is NOT a substitute for a professional vets help.Some human vitamins are okay to be given to dogs. What's better to give our pets something that is already tried and tested by us? Since these supplements relatively easier to find, but know that not all of them are ideal for your fur babies. The way each vitamin product is formulated varies from one manufacturer to the other. Similarly, it also varies from one breed to another. Most pet multi-vitamins are designed to fulfil just a portion of a daily requirement of a particular breed. However, human supplements usually contain almost 95 per cent of a human being's vitamin requirements.That being said, we suggest that it's best you consult your vet before feeding your pooch anything that puts even the slightest doubt in your head. Vitamins that are high in iron can cause iron toxicity in your pet and should be avoided. Vitamin D supplements are also risky as they tend to increase the levels of calcium and phosphorous in your pet's body. This might eventually lead to permanent problems for the heart and kidneys.B-complex vitamins can be beneficial for your dog. It can help in improved heart condition, skin, and digestive health of your pet. Vitamin C, niacin, biotin, and folic acid are also safe for dogs.Omega 3 fatty acids or namely fish oil is also safe and healthy for your dog. We suggest that you cut off the tip of the capsule and add the oil to your dog's food instead of giving him the capsule. As we said, there are is no harm in giving your dog food items/ medicine that you have (after referring to the above information), but it's always best to speak to your vet before you give your dog anything. Hope this information is helpful :)
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