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I take my 3 months bitch for walk in the evening,but i am really very afraid of the street dogs?

i take my 3 months bitch for walk in the evening.......but i am really very afraid of the street dogs.as soon as they see her they start barking i catch her in my hands and those dogs run behind me to bite me or my bitch.instead of joy ride it has becomes really very horrifying for both of us.she has got so afraid that now she dosnt want to go for walk.please help me.im in agra(uttar pradesh)
By akanksha choudhary · 09 Mar 2008 9:18 am


By Inez Rufus · 29 Apr 2008 7:08 pm
Unfortunately Akanksha you've not set the right precedent. By picking up your puppy, you've communicated your fear to her. But I'm sure it's not too late to reverse this. Carry a thick stick with you to fend off the dogs. Remember if the dogs are males they will mot attack. It is more curiosity.
Try taking her out for short periods - 10 minutes at a time and try a different route each time. It's more important that you learn to conquer your fear.
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By Parakram · 25 Sep 2008 3:33 pm
Dont give up. Strays will be curious about any dog which ventures into their territory. And dont be afraid. Try carrying a stick when you walk your dog. It will give you some confidence
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By Priya Shergill · 22 Dec 2008 6:05 pm
Akanksha carry a long thick stick with you and to begin with take someone else along. Strays can be fended off with the stick and a shout. They will generally not come close when they see you brandhishing a stick. There may be the odd one that will venture close but it can be pusshed off with the stick. After a while they will get used to your Puppy. I had the same problem within my colony, with three stray bitches and a stray dog. I walk a pair of Pugs and in November had my son's 6 month old Labrador Retriever. There were three of us walking our Dogs. The bitches were fended off by throwing stones at them and chasing them off. The Dog used to silently run up from behind and attack our Dogs until one day when he given a sound whack with the stick. He has since kept his distance and we have no more problems.
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