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What is the ideal diet for a 3 year old Tibetan Mastiff weighing 40 kilos with moderate activity?

What is the ideal diet for a 3 year old Tibetan Mastiff weighing 40 kilos with moderate activity?
By anirvan mitra · 08 May 2011 8:44 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 09 May 2011 9:35 am
Feed him a good packet food depending on ur budget Royal Canin or Eukanoba is what I know of but there ARE SO MANY NEW ONES COMING. sEE THE PACKET FOR THE QUANTITY ETC. The food u can urself also see, if ur dogs is putting on too much weight reduce it. U shud keep in mind that TM generally like a lot of exercise to keep them happy inside the house and r dogs which generally wud sleep all day and be alret all night.
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By Aryan · 09 May 2011 10:26 am
give him drools pet food
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By anirvan mitra · 09 May 2011 3:40 pm
thanx..and can i be suggested what kind of natural food to feed??
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By Dinkar Singh · 09 May 2011 4:15 pm
Do you mean cooked food by natural foods. If so in my experience, meat etc causes skin and other problems, atleast in my TM which I had. Otherwise you can make a veg soup with vegetables in it without salt and spices, very basic plain and serve it with rice or roti to your dog. I have also kept a large breed who was fed only roti and milk and had to problem and was a very health and good looking dog. You can also mix nutri nuggets in the food too.

If you want to give non veg then again make a soup with good meat and may be some vegetables.

The main advantage of packet food is that it is convenient plus has all the nutrients that a dog of a particular size or breed requires. In Eukanoba u can give large breed and in RC you can give gaint breed or go in for the economical Club range which is much cheaper. I have used these foods and have been happy with them.

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By xceww · 10 May 2011 11:49 pm
Dinkar, you are speaking like a Pet Food Salesman. Dont misguide people for cheap commissions.. Its silly to even suggest a veg diet for dogs.
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By Admin · 10 May 2011 11:55 pm
Dinkar is one of the oldest DogSpot form user. We have never observed his comments to be guided by ulterior motives. Wold request you to refrain from personal remarks!
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By Pritam · 11 May 2011 12:33 am
Haha....Now take that piece of shytt...Mr knowledgeable.....@ Puthran.
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By xceww · 12 May 2011 12:23 pm
@Admin would request you to observe more carefully!
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By Pritam · 12 May 2011 8:53 pm
@Admin----This man xceww or watever shyyt ...n....puthran(same id).....Have no business but just to mock ppl n make fun of them....If they can really help....Thtz gud....Else u guyz should look into the matter n kick their azz outta here.
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By Pritam · 12 May 2011 9:01 pm
Now ....Well personally i wudn't recommend a full veg diet too....But that doesnt mean no veggies @ all....If some persons think so ....Then let me tell u tht dogs too need not only protein n' calcium but also other minerals,fibers,vitamins etc...which veggies provide em'.....Some of the veggies to avoid wud b cabbage,onion(strict no) ....Else veggies as per a diet plan is needed by dogs too esp. in case of raw feeding. Now as dinkar said some dogs may b allergic to meat n' poultry products.....In that case owner has whatsoever no option but to go with commercial packaged dog food ....Some pineapples wont get it....But u r rite Mr. Dinkar.
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By emran · 20 Jan 2012 10:18 pm
Tibetan mastiff is large breed dog required moderate energy formula with Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate to support healthy body and joints.

You can use RC Maxi Adult, Eukonuba Large Breed Adult or Drools Large Breed Adult.
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