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My 3 years old pug is not accepting my new 4 year male pug,How do i manage pugs?

I have a three year old female pug. Recently I adopted another pug which is a four year old male. My female pug is finding it hard to accept the new pug. How do I manage the pugs?

2015-03-22T21:40:02+0530 22 Mar 2015 9:40 pm


2015-03-23T15:30:39+0530 23 Mar 2015 3:30 pm
Hi Shreya

Female dogs are a little more protective and possessive about their family. We would suggest that you gently socialise both of your pooches so that they can get used to each other and understand that they have to stay together. Interactive games with both / spending more time with both of them will be helpful.

Team DogSpot
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