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I'm getting confused over what dog food to give my 9months cocker.?

I'm getting confused over what dog food to give my 9months cocker..since he does not stick to one brand for more than 2-3 monhts. i've given him Hill's science plan, eukonuba and eukonuba professional,cibau and recently royal canine junior. i think soon i have to move to adult dog food. need some suggestion for it. i dont know why but he loses interest in any food in couple of months.
By Abhilasha Sharma · 21 Sep 2012 7:50 pm


By Navjot Singh · 23 Sep 2012 6:39 pm
Dogs usually don't like packed food. Like human they also develop monotony if they are fed same thing every day. Just imagine how you'd feel if you are fed same thing every day?All Packed food are made of one and the same ingredients so it won't make difference to your dog whether you feed Eukanuba or RC.
Dogs don' have many taste busters and hence what makes food delicious for them is the aroma. Most packed foods have the same aroma and hence dogs don't feel very inclined to packed food.
My recommendation is to feed him home-made delicacies. You have a big list of food items to select from :
A) Boiled eggs
B) Cottage cheese ( home-made paneer )
C) Curd
D) Bread/ roti.
E) Rice
F) Boiled chicken ( Bone-less )
G) Minced meat
H) Boiled vegetables like Potatoes
I've meticulously mentioned Veg food first as most of owners have a misconception that dogs can't thrive with flesh.
If you have a long list of food items like this, why would you spend fortune on buying exorbitant commercial food from the market?? All these home-cooked food items are served fresh and hence dog love them unlike packed food which are dumped with preservatives.
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