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Can somebody tell me when to stop his training?

i'm training my dog 4 last few months. can somebody tell me when to stop his training?
By allan · 25 Nov 2009 4:17 pm


By Prashanth · 26 Nov 2009 2:51 pm
Hi Allan,

Whats his age and who is training him/her ?

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By allan · 26 Nov 2009 3:07 pm
BUT he is getting training since he was 6-7 months old.
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By Prashanth · 26 Nov 2009 3:11 pm
Hi Allan,

I am sure he must have learnt quite a bit by now like sit, stay, down, heel, fetch, shake a paw, roll over etc. If he obeys all your commands it is good enough until and unless you plan to train him for a show.

I hope he has no behavioural problems at home like peeing, pooing or snapping at somebody..not leaving the couch etc...

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By Shyam Hattangdi · 26 Nov 2009 4:11 pm
There is no limit to training and it is only a question of how much time you have at your disposal and what you want to train your dog for.

If it is only to be a pet or companion dog then there are only five exercises you need the dog to know. They are COME, SIT, DOWN, HEEL and STAY (while at SIT & DOWN). These exercises provide control over your dog so it is well behaved, can be taken out everywhere and is an asset and not a liability. Exercises such as roll-over etc. are not required and are more a gimmick then anything else, unless you are into making the dog perform tricks which, in my opinion is a waste of time as the same can be used to train a dog useful exercises such as to fetch things etc. However, if you really teach these five basic exercises mentioned above to perfection so that the dog performs them instantly and with just one command (especially the "COME" command) then you will have achieved all that is required for a good companion.
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By allan · 27 Nov 2009 10:52 am
he do understand all these commands except HEEL. what command is this?
I want to take him 2 dog show, in such a case what else he should know?
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By Shyam Hattangdi · 27 Nov 2009 3:49 pm
HEEL is where the dog walks on a loose leash (without pulling) next to your left side with his front legs in line with your knee. He must maintain that position no matter what speed you walk (slow, normal, fast) and while you turn at right angles both left, right and about turn. The dog must come to an automatic SIT position when you stop without being given any additional command to sit.

Competition obedience requires a lot of practice, patience, precision and dedication to teach if you want to enter your dog for shows in obedience. To start with you must get a set of rules that explain the exact details / positions etc. because without first understanding exactly what is required in an competition it is impossible to even begin training for competition.

To enter into an obedience competition in a dog show for the first title, you do not need to learn more than the five exercises I mentioned but if the dog fails to perform with only a single command for each exercise, and does not do so quickly and with precision, you will lose marks. Imagine that in obedience competition you start with full marks and they are deducted for every mistake you or the dog make and at the end if you still have the minimum total required for the title, a title will be awarded.
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By kanika · 02 Dec 2009 10:35 pm

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yashkant gaur
By Dr.D.P.Sarkar · Dog Training Behaviour · 06 Apr 2012 4:31 pm ·

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