is it important to feed dog food to a Labrador?

I am a little confused if it is important to feed kibble food by Drools, Royal Canin or Pedigree. Many people say one can feed home cooked foodd to the dogs too. Please help!

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Hi Arnav

Dogs require a balanced meal for their overall growth. Packaged food such as Drools / Royal Canin / Pedigree / Science Plan has been specially formulated keeping the mind the nutritional requirements of the dog. The ingredients in the food ensure that optimum nutrition is being given to your pooch to promote stronger teeth, healthy bones and a strong immune system.

You can feed home cooked food but the food may not completely fulfil the nutritional needs for your pooch.

Team DogSpot
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2016-12-22T18:07:15+0530 22 Dec 2016 6:07 pm
Bananas and oatmeal/ rice ,chicken , apple and vegetables stew keep it in fridge and it lasts for a week, /curd roti or curd rice/ milk roti and an egg. Try these options your dog will relish these and the coat will be shining
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