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In India the Pomeranian that we see, looks nothing like the original Pomeranian?

In India the Pomeranian that we see , I think they are of a breed called american Eskimo, because the Indian "Pomeranian" looks nothing like the original Pomeranian. Just an observation. what do you think ?

By Rohit Kulkarni 21 Nov 2013 2:07 pm


By Navjot Singh 22 Nov 2013 11:40 am
Rohit, The breed you are referring to as American Eskimo is actually " Japanese Spitz ". People often incorrectly refer it to as "Pomeranian ". But if you check on net, Pomeranian is relatively small in size and is in ball shape, while Japanese Spitz is relatively larger in size. Japanese Spitz comes only in white color, while Pomeranian come in different colors like Brown and Black.
There was a time when Japanese Spitz used to be very popular because they are low-maintenance dog- they don't eat a lot, require less exercise and are extremely intelligent and loyal, at the same time they are very protective of their family and are great watch-dog.
Japanese Spitz are not very expensive to buy either, you can buy it's puppy for 3-5 K easily from anywhere in India. But, now there are so many foreign breeds in India like Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, Pug, etc. All these breeds are expensive and very profitable to breed. On the other hand, no breeder will venture into breeding Japanese spitz as they are not very expensive and are not profitable to breed. That's the reason why these dog are so rare to find now.
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