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Dog Appetite decreasing, please help?

MY INDIAN SPITZ NOT EATING FOR LAST SIX DAYS We had adopted Bozo, a male, abandoned Indian Spitz of 2.5 years in October last in Lucknow. On January 15 it had had gross hematuria after an evening walk which stopped by itself the next day. Two months later it again had the same and we stopped it by applying ice on its penis. It has not eaten for the last six days. No appetite. Earlier we thought it might have had heat/sun stroke. We applied cool hand towels all over it and started it on Electral in drinking water. Physical examination by one vet of the lungs, eyes, gums, rectal temperature and abdomen revealed everything being normal. The vet gave it an antibiotic and a liver stimulant injection and prescribed Ciza MPS comprising of cisapride as he felt it may be related to stool in the rectum and not lack of movement in the colon. But how to get it to have the tablet and could coax it only twice to take it mixed in some sweet. When I told the vet that I wanted its throat examined as it made hoarse sounds now and then, without examination he felt that there was no problem there. I am sure there is a problem there though it yet barks. It had the habit of swallowing whole the last bit of chew sticks that may have caused lesion in his mouth or throat. It may also be suffering from acute acidity. For second opinion, took it to another vet who did only ????isual????examination of the head and neck after our narration of the history. He prescribed Meriquin enrofloxacin, Digyton syrup, and yeast tabs. We were successful in only giving it Digyton syrup via a needleless syringe. Yet to no avail. I think the problem is with the oral cavity including throat. It is drinking plenty of water in which we have mixed Electral, urinates okay but no passing of stool because it is eating no solids. I am worried as it is losing weight by the day and has a glazed look in the eyes but yet walks about in the house. Would a saliva test help know any problem with the glands in the oral cavities or cyst or tumor? It is taken out of the house only on a leash. It has no signs of distemper, parvo or flu. I cannot say the same of CAV2 (Hepatitis).
By gspal · 22 Mar 2011 12:59 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 24 Mar 2011 12:02 am
I dono much about disease but if your dog is behaving normal and energy level is like before I guess he is alright. Sometimes dog do not eat for 2-3 days to restore his metabolism, this happened with one of my friends. I have heard dog can survive more than 20 days without food and only on water. Its serious, but I hope he will be fine soon. Take care of your Boy god bless him!!!
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By gspal · 24 Mar 2011 3:44 am
Thanks Gopal for the assurances. I was wrong. There is no problem in the throat. And I have discarded the second opinion and ‘am game with the first vet. The problem lay in low to nil movement of its stool in the colon and rectum causing infection to spread from there hitting the kidneys. It felt pain on palpation of the groin. Liver was not yet impacted though Total Serum Bilirubin had increased slightly to 0.68 mg/dL from a normal of 0.04-0.4 as it was not passing through normal channel of rectum and would to go through the bladder causing microscopic cells in urine if not gross hematuria. This is from Bozo’s CBC and blood chemistries report that we got today, March 23, in the evening. Its serum creatinine was slightly high at 1.88 mg/dL against normal of 0.4-1.4 for dogs. This had resulted in a fall in its serum calcium, phosphorous and sodium to 8.62 mg/dL, 2.12 mg/dL and 116 mEq/L respectively against normal range of 9-12, 3-7 and 140-151 respectively. Kidney malfunction also results in fall in platelets and RBC which were 1.85 lacs/cu mm and 4.0 mL/cu/mm respectively as against normal of 2-9 and 5.5-8.5 respectively. However, hemoglobin was barely at goal at 12 g/dL against normal range 12-18 g/dL.

Its thyroid function test report is yet to come in.

Yesterday, we had added Glucon D (glucose with vitamin D, cal and phospherous) to its water in order to prevent any hypoglycemic effect (low blood sugar). I wanted to avoid dextrose I.V. fluid transfusion since it was drinking plenty of water. In the evening it thanked us with a little of passing of hard stool. Yesterday, the first vet gave B complex via the catheter used for drawing blood for testing but then gave it a onetime some strong crippling antibiotic injection in the hind leg that left Bozo walking on the knuckles of one of its hind legs. I kept correcting its stand while I walked him around to relieve the pain and stiffness. Also prescribed Doxil (doxycycline) 100 g 1/2 tab b.i.d. which I could only start today in the evening. While Ciza MPS has a sweet peppermint taste, Doxil is very, very bitter. We crushed the two together and dissolved it in curd water and fed it via a needles syringe orally. Bozo was also started on 2-3 g of sat-isabgol mixed in water and fed orally via the syringe. The end result at night was that Bozo felt hungry and had some paneer and only the yolk of a boiled egg. What a relief for us! After 7 days our beloved companion was eating again. The jubilation will start when it starts crapping too else we will have to introduce Livoluk. As an egg is acidic and what with its serum uric acid currently being at 2.82 mg/dL against a normal range of 0-2, we will try to introduce some butter milk in its diet tomorrow else somewhat thickened curd water. We have not yet introduced sela “golden” rice in its diet. A year ago we banished white (polished) rice from out home as it has no nutritional element and comprises of only artificially added aroma and starch – all very bad for kidneys. I hope all this has not impacted Bozo’s anal gland/sac as it is still quite young.

Only on regularization of its bowel movement will the vet allow us to restart Pfizer’s Nutrical-CA comprising of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D3 and magnesium for a month to cover deficiencies due to recent illness. We will regularly introduce yeast tablet (crushed) for B complex and zinc along with 2-3 g of isabgol in its diet. Also we will try to introduce sela rice + curd as mentioned above or whole wheat chapatti + curd. Brown crunchy rice is not available here. We do not want it and us to go through this experience ever again. There would be another blood test after a fortnight or to confirm all is well with our dear Bozo. Later, on regaining normal health we will give it its one-time recombinant vaccines intracutaneously with weekly gaps or via nosodes. I am anti-combo vaccines. Also vaccines must never be given to senior pet dogs. I lost my last Royal German Spitz, Jerry, to a combo non-recombinant given at a senior age that slowly destroyed its immune system resulting in painful death.
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By ANIL PATRA · 28 Oct 2017 3:18 pm
My indian spitz is not eating from last 5 days before that he was eating everythin. As he was not eating my mother became upset day by day my dog became weak watt to do we cant understand that time he was of 9 months and that time my mother started to make him eat food from spood first some days he doesn't eat than doctor said to soak the pedigree and make him eat some days he doesn't eat but after 5 months he started eating but a with bad habit of when my mother will make him eat with spoon. doctors have given so many syrups but doesnt work. It had became an habbit for him(dog) i.e. when ever we want to go to any far place we cant go if he will eat herself than we can keep him with neighbours and can go but he doesn't eat watt can i do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zz............................ help us say us watt can we do plz.plz.plz....
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