I am interested in a female Pug puppy,a s I already have a 2 year old male Pug,help?

I am interested in a female pug puppy,a s I already have a 2 year old male pug. I am located in Coonoor near Ooty, please suggest if there are any pug dog breeders or pet shops near by , I can visit and select the right puppy. thks Richa
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Hi Richa,

Please do not buy your Pug from any Pet shop. This would be a big mistake even though it would be somewhat cheaper. You would never know the background of your Dog and that can have very tragic results. There are well known breeders in Kerala and Bangalore. Try doing a Google search for Pug puppies in South India and see what comes up. If you need any help on the authenticity of breeders, please do feel free to let me know what you have found.
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Thanks!will let you know.
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