I am interested in getting my dog, a 4 year old black labrador, mated.?

I am interested in getting my dog, a 4 year old black labrador, mated. He is of good pedigree and registered with the madras kennel club. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me an idea of how to go about doing that.
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Hi Anjali,
Its good that u are planning for breeding.
you can list your dog in dogspot.in .In "dog gallery" section and tell that it is available for dating.place your contact number there so that people may contact you.
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If you are a beginner you may need to take help from a professional person. Breeding is not anyone's cup of tea !! Breeders are of two types- one who just breed puppies and the other who breed quality puppies !!
There are many things you need to keep in mind. Having just a KCI registered dog is not enough for you to breed. You need to check if your dog has any hereditary problems like Hips Dyspepsia. If your dog do have this problem, then breeding him is a big NO!! If you breed a dog who have a history of hip problem, you are spoiling the breed.
Secondly, you need to check the line of both the animals. Whether the two belong to English line, American line, Australian line, etc. You need to check the pedigree of the two dogs. A breeder's role is not just to make puppies, he is also responsible for improving the standard of the breed.
In India, this industry is not regulated and hence we find that some very popular breeds and even those which are rare are being spoiled by many back-yard breeders who just want to make money from this industry.
In western countries, there are state run institutes which train people in breeding dogs, horses, and other animals. There are certified courses for this profession. If you are just a pet owner and not a state-certified breeder, you are not even allowed to keep dogs without spaying them. You have to get the male neutered and female spayed if you don't breed.
In India, anyone can become a breeder - even a person who doesn't have money to feed himself.
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