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I've adopted a black lab which was just 30 days old and was very weak,please help?

I've adopted a black lab which was just 30 days old and was very weak. I've tried to feed her with various type of meals from dog food starter to mashed rice in chicken stock. But she doesn't eat anything. Finally after browsing a lot over the internet i came across the homemade meal (brown rice, chicken, carrot, sweet potato, cheese) all mashed into small chunks. Fortunately, she relished it and is on the diet for past 2 days now and her stool is solid again. My major concern, is this meal sufficient for her growth? (personal opinion: it might not be). What more can I add as supplement of calcium and protein to her diet? Her Vaccination is due by May 5th and my concern is to make her healthy before i get her vaccinated so that her body can take the dosage! Her likes: Boiled Egg white; homemade meal; boiled chicken breast (shredded); coconut water; cottage cheese. Her dislikes: curd; curd + dog food; Glucon-D; boiled rice; curd + boiled rice; moist dog food; Foods I'm not feeding her: diluted milk; cerelac; chew sticks; Your replies will certainly reflect your love and concern. :) Thanks.
By Aman Chuttani · 22 Apr 2013 4:04 pm


By DrAn · 23 Apr 2013 5:25 pm
The first concern here seems to be to get her back to her prime health. For this you need to get her to the vet to rule out any infections. After that, to start off, give him something he like so that he can recover. Brown rice, carrot, chicken,sweet potato sounds a very good meal for this purpose. You can supplement some products with multi vitamin and calcium based on the vets advice. Many are available at our site. Cerelac is a very good choice as a morning energiser [ any reason you are avoiding it?]. I am sure with love, proper care and affection she will be better in no time.
Do update on the matter.
All the Best.
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By Kojiro Vikash · 25 May 2013 11:53 am
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