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I just got a one month old puppy ,should she be old enough to drink out of a bowl now, or start eating some food?

i just got a one month old puppy, i need to leave her at home when i go to work. should she be old enough to drink out of a bowl now, or start eating some food?
By tina thompson · 11 Feb 2009 6:37 pm


By DoggieDawg · 11 Feb 2009 7:55 pm
Hello Tina , i don't think so that its very wise to leave an 1 month old puppy in the house alone . At this age a puppy needs to be fed every two hours or so and is not potty trained . Also one needs to make sure that the area where puppy is left is free of any sharp/harmful objects .
Also it depends on how long are your working hours ?? Is there no one in the house - who in your absence can take care of the pup ?? Can you hire some help for that time frame.
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By Divya Dar · 12 Feb 2009 7:45 am
Hi Tina, Misha is right about having to feed them more frequently. Puppies don't know how much to eat, so she will probably eat all that you give her in one go, and have an upset stomach later. We tried to feed our dog every 4 hrs when she was a pup, since we too were working, with no reliable help at home. We would give her food early just before leaving, then come back for lunch, and then again come back a bit early to feed her. But our dog was 2 months old when we got her. It helps if you can work from home, that ways people at work don't complain about you spending less hrs at the office...
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