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I just wanted to know if a Golden Getriever is a good breed for first time dog owners?

hi, i just wanted to know if a golden retriever is a good breed for first time dog owners. My family is of 4 consisting of three adults and 1 teenager (me). The maintenance level should be on the lesser side with small walks a day as exercise, including hard frisbee playing sessions twice weekly. Grooming requierement should not be very high. It could be like 3-4 times a week. Is/Is not a labrador better than golden?Please explain.
By Abhinav Sharma · 07 May 2009 4:23 pm


By Runni · 07 May 2009 5:19 pm
Both golden & labrador belongs to retriever group, thus they are bred to do a lot of excersice. None of them can be maintained at a good health if you cant provide adequate excersice including long walks everyday as well as other playinh sessions. They are very active dogs, so require a job to do almost always through out the day. Both of them do require proper & frequent grooming sessions.
Yes, golden retriever is a good choice for a 1st time dog owner as they r very intelligent & highly trainable. They are very good with children and have a nice temperament. They r feindly, kind & not a dominating breed. And all these make them a poor watch dog. They r alwalys trying to please the owner.
Labrador is also quite similar to goldens in temperament, activity level, excersice & grooming requirement as both them them r from retriever group. Labrador has a higher chance of getting obese if not properly excersiced, though grooming reqiurements r a bit lesser than goldens.
So if you think you cant provide enough time for excersice of either of them then u should not go for them, instead go for toy breeds with less amount of hair.
Otherwise both of them r among the best companion dogs and r very good in nature (if u dont somehow manage to spoil them).
I would suggest before going for any dog please do yopur homework, try to know everything about that breed & then only get one home. This will ensure a proper breed for your family along with a happy dog to keep you all happy. Best of luck.
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By Dinkar Singh · 07 May 2009 6:40 pm
Hi Abhinav,

Its great that you want to keep a pet dog, let me tell you its a lot of responsibility and work which all the family members have to put in everyday. Also in a way you can say good buy to your holidays as you will have to be at home when your family wants to go on a holiday. Plus this is a commitment for the next 12 odd years.

On the brighter side its great to have a dog who is always there to cheer you up and give you company. Look after reading what you had to say, a golden and a lab is a no no. Golden needs more attention as compared to the lab due to their coat. And I agree to what retina and DuchessNkriti have to say. Plus keep in mind the food and medical bills.

I would advise you to go in for a small breed like a beagle (which seem to be quite popular now) or a dachund. Why I say these two breed is due to low maintanance of coat and less exercise required. A pom and spitz will require regular brushing to keep their coat looking good plus if you live in the plain the heat.

Also what is the purpose of the dog, if you do not have time then why get a dog. Why not adopt the stray in your neighborhood. Its not cool to have a dog that you cannot care for later or who looks sickly and dirty due to lack of time to care for it.
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By Abhinav Sharma · 07 May 2009 8:22 pm
1. I dont mind exercising my dog. I am ready to take up the responsibility. I dont travel at all so I shall constantly be with my dog. I dont want to take a small breed as my family wants a medium sized dog. So, its just that whether I should bring a labrador retriever or a golden retriever because these breeds top the list my most favoured dog breeds.

2. Also, can you please tell me the best place to get my dog in Delhi, Faridabad or NCR?

3. I dont want to show my dog or breed him for selling puppies. I just need a pet dog so please tell me if I should go for a pet quality or a show quality puppy. Whats the difference between the two and does it have any role to play in my decision?

4. Lastly, which of the two would be able to cope better with Delhi's extreme weather?
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By Abhinav Sharma · 07 May 2009 10:07 pm
Dont you think 8-10 thousand is costlier for a lab? Can you tell me the price of a golden retriever (pet quality) from pet world?
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By Rana Atheya · 07 May 2009 11:33 pm
A very good discussion, just to add sm clarity from a reputed breeder the puppy wud cost more because u get to know wat u r getting. Best goldens in delhi NCR are owned by Mr. Mukul Vaid. I wud rather discourage buying puppies from pet shops ot vets. Shud buy from ppl who specialise in the breed for example for Labs its Mr Sunny Kochar, Mr Sunil Ghai, Mr Vidhya Ratan are the right people to consult with. Best goldens in north I have seen with Mr Vaid and few years back with Ratanbela kennels in gurgaon. I am sharing this out of my personal learnings.
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By Rana Atheya · 07 May 2009 11:36 pm
Please ignore wrong grammer n spelling using my mobile to update :D
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By Abhinav Sharma · 08 May 2009 12:35 am
Okay rana, but how do i contact these persons? I dont know their contact numbers. Please post them for me.
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By Runni · 08 May 2009 9:35 am
I totally agree with rana_vr1, whatever breed you want to get het it from a reputed breeder. In that case you will be able to see the parents as well as other pups of the litter. You may even get to see more than one litter if available at that time. So naturally you will have options. Moreover responsible breeders use best dogs for breeding, resulting in pups with good health & temperament. These two r the most important characteristics of any dog.
And please just dont buy a medium sized dog just because your family wants it. You should buy a dog when you are totally confident about its maintenance. Also such dogs must be trained properly & handled properly. Otherwise they may become unruly & may even try to become the boss. So as i suggested earlier plz do your research before getting one.
And once you decide which one to get, do go to a reputed breeder to ensure that u have a healthy & happy pup.
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By Rana Atheya · 08 May 2009 9:57 am
@retina really good piece of advice

@abhipuru16 I will provide you the numbers by evening

If you want to understand pricing of puppies in india you may go to the following link to know what I have learned:
https://dogspot.in/cost-of-a-p uppy-india/
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By Dinkar Singh · 08 May 2009 11:02 am
I strongly agree with rana vr1 buy only from a reputable breeder like the ones suggested by him. Would advise you for the Lab, if you have finally decided between lab and golden.

Cheap is not always better. The price is for a reason. You dont want to buy a pup which grows up not really looking like a lab or having some health issues etc. Hence better to buy from a good breeder, so that atleast you know what you are buying and if you have a trouble later on you can atleast consult him and take advise from. All The Best.
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By Abhinav Sharma · 08 May 2009 8:25 pm
how much would mr. mukul vaid cost for a male golden retriever? Do you have an average estimate?
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By Abhinav Sharma · 08 May 2009 9:01 pm
can i groom my golden with shorter haior in summers? would it help?
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By hardyboy · 09 May 2009 12:47 am
a golden reteriver will cost u frm reputed breeder frm 25000 n above n sunny lab will be around 40000 n good lab will be frm 20000 to 40000 or more.
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By Dinkar Singh · 09 May 2009 10:39 am
No you cannot nor is it advised to cut a golden's coat/ hair. Whats the point of a golden if it does not have its coat. Its the coat which adds to the beauty of the dog/ breed.

Look this is why I told you to be sure of what you want otherwise after you get a dog you will realise that you cannot look after it and would want to give it away which will be very cruel.

Labs too need to be groomed and brushed as they shed hair/ coat quite a bit and through out the year. Look brushing is the least of the troubles you should be looking at, there are other bigger issues as exercise, food, medicines, care etc that you should look at. If you at school or college and the dog is tied as in most cases it happens as the family members are not dog lovers or servants etc do not like the dog jumping all over etc. Then the dog will keep barking and may also start biting playfully at first and then viciously. There are a lot of problems that can come up.

That is why I said in the begining do your research and the work that the dog will require, I know teenagers do not have much time due to school and other work. That is why I had suggested a smaller breed if you really want to get a dog. Having a big dog is not being cool, but having a good well trained and well maintained dog is a pleasure to have for the owner as well for the people who see it.

I come across a lot of pedigree dogs being abandoned or up for adoptions due to the above reasons mentioned. Just last year a golden was luckily placed in a good home in Mussoorie from Delhi otherwise the dog would have been put down. That dog is a lovely dog but its owners could not handle him once he was 1 yr plus. Dont make the same mistake that is why I am spending so much time explaining you.

If you are not interested in showing etc. A nice lab you can get for 12 odd thousand also. Golden are not easy to get a good one hence the price. Mr Mukul does have a litter, but I dout it he will give you a pup.
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By Runni · 09 May 2009 11:18 am
I totally agree with Kasmanda. I have already requested you twice to do thorough research about any breed that you want. Get all the information about the breed's temperament, size, excercise & grooming requirements, eating habits, probable diseases, traininh methods, etc.
I know the idea of having a dog is quite exciting. But the initial excitement fades off with in a couple of day and you will find yourself surrounded with dog pee & shit. It will eat 4 times a day and you will have to take him out for toilet at every 1 hr. Then somebody must always keep an eye on it. Believe me its a handfull of work. Also it will wake up in the middle of the night. And as you want a middle sized dog you will have to start with proper training from the very beginning. And believe me they eat a lot.
I am not discouraging you. Just trying to share the problems I faced when i brought my pup.
So again I m requesting you to kindly consider all those problems associated with a pup and again evaluated yourselves to know the actual mount of time, money, energy you will be able to spare. If you just bring a pup without realising the associated problem then it may end up either being a headache for your family or being put up for adoptation.
Its really an amazing experience to look at a well trained & well maintained dog, but have you ever tried to know how much & what it takes to have such a dog.
So dont bring home a pup just becuase you saw a gr8 lab last month, make sure that you too have all the time & energy to bring up a gr8 dog. Remember no dog is bad or good dog by itself, its the owners that make them a good or a bad dog.
So kindly consider the points that have been discussed here and then decide.
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By Abhinav Sharma · 09 May 2009 12:37 pm
i dont mind any points you tell me. i am firm for getting a dog for myself. Now, if i get a golden, what can i do to make him feel good in summers?
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By Abhinav Sharma · 09 May 2009 12:44 pm
but i dont know why but it seems curious to me that german shepherds too have a long coat like goldens but they are the most sought after breed in delhi and faridabad why is it so? dont they shed or what?
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By Runni · 09 May 2009 12:47 pm
If you are confiden enough to get a golden then do groom him properly, through out the day. Also never think of giving him a trim, not even in summers. Trimming is not meant for every dog.
In summers you can find out the coolest corner of your house & keep the dog there. If you have AC then it will be much easier for the dog. But remember that too much of AC can adverse effect its health.
Keep offering water very frequently. Also dogs prefer not to eat if it is too hot. So dont press him/her too much if not eating. As far as I know it becomes pleasent after 6pm in delhi, so you can offer food at that time.
I have seen goldens doing fine in hot weather of Kolkata, & though Delhi id hoter than Kolkata still I think a golden will do well if you dont let it roam aroung in the mid day sun, not even in the balcony. Go for a walk only after sun sets.
Best of luck.
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By Runni · 09 May 2009 12:52 pm
GSDs do shed a lot. I myself is having a GSD pup & even in the colder weather of shimla it is shedding.
You can ask any person having a GSD there & probably you will find that they got it to guard & protect their so called valuable properties!!
Just my personal opinion.
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By Abhinav Sharma · 09 May 2009 12:56 pm
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By Dinkar Singh · 09 May 2009 4:42 pm
GSD are mainly kept as they are an all rounder dog and hence popular. People who do keep them know what all they have to do to keep them cool and looking good. Popularity does not mean that a particular dog is meant for you and you can take good care of it. Rottweilers are very popular too, but they are not for everyone to keep.

It is certainly not advisable to get a dog/ pup from a vet as some of them take commission to sell others pups which may not be of good quality. It seems after all the advise you still have not read and heard what all the experienced people have to say, hence you have asked this question.
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By Abhinav Sharma · 09 May 2009 5:25 pm
then what to do kasmanda, i dont even get replies regarding where to get my dog from. i am ready for a GR but none cares to tell me about reputed breeders for GR in my area!!!!!!! You guys are giving me contacts of persons which are quoting a very hefty price for a GR/Lab puppy. Guys, i dont need a show dog, i just need a healthy pet dog to spend my time with.My budget is strictly limited to 10000. Please help me
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By Dinkar Singh · 09 May 2009 5:45 pm
Contact the reputable breeders mentioned by us. Tell them you dont want a show dog and they may have one that is not really show show dog and they may be willing to give it to you cheaper.

Other option is to pick up the sunday paper go through the ads and call people selling labs/ goldens. If they have mentioned more than one breed then they are definately pet shop sellers/ brokers. Look for ads with only the breed you want mentioned. Call them ask about the parents and that if they have both. Thats the best otherwise you will have to travel quite a bit regardless of what they say but insist on seeing both parents. This way you will know if they are good friendly dogs and are kept clean and in a good environment.

If the above does not work out then call the multi dog breed ads and ask them about the pups but insist on seeing both parents not at their shop or clinic but at the home along with all the pups.

I will give you a simple example of things that go wrong. My wife presented me with a shitzu imported from Phill a couple of years ago. It was a surprise without consulting me she ordered it to be imported and the person a well know pet shop in Delhi sold it to her for a huge amount. It died in 10 days time. My wife is not an expert in dogs and hence did the mistake of buying from an agent etc. without doing her homework.The dog was nice but not healthy plus in importing they generally get infections when brought into the country in bad conditions. Hence I insist on getting dogs from the right source. Tomorrow is Sunday check the paper. At time you do have army officer selling his pet dogs pups and can get a good dog from them or a well off family just looking for a good home and not driven by money.

All The Best.

In what ever you do in life hard work is required

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By hardyboy · 09 May 2009 11:15 pm
buddy there is one guy in faridabad who is selling gd.rt. n his name is battacharaya n his price is around 10000 to 12000.he has placed a add few months ago on dogspot. u can personally go n meet him . r u a same guy who had ask a ques. on dogspot that he is looking for lab or gd rt. after finishing his board exam. u can ask any of reputed breeder n they will help u to get frm a person who has used their dog as a stud. so u'll get champ lne puppy in half price. in lab u hve no. of option in ncr but for gd rt. u hve limited . so make up ur mind n start searching we all will help n guide u.
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By Rana Atheya · 10 May 2009 11:35 am
Mr Sunny Kochar: 9891149202 (Sunnyland kennels)
Mr Sunil Ghai: 9811142338 (Shaurya Kennels)
Mr Vidhya Ratan: www.vidaneskennel.com
Mr. Mukul Vaid: https://www.dogspot.in/dog-lis ting/silver-cloud-kennel/
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By Abhinav Sharma · 10 May 2009 4:32 pm
thnx i'll go through them and keep you all updated. And yes hardyboy, i am the same guy
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