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My parents are not ready to keep my dog because he is not trained.What to do please suggest?

I am Justin from Dindigul . I have GSD dog (crossed ) 18 months old . my dog not trained . so if I say sit , stand , come. dog not obey my order . Full out of my control. some times my dog suddenly escaped and go to other homes and roads badly. My parents are not ready to keep my dog because of he do not obey. I need my dog obeying. so please any one help me and what i do and don't do ..

2014-06-07T01:32:11+0530 07 Jun 2014 1:32 am


2014-09-30T14:00:05+0530 30 Sep 2014 2:00 pm
Hi Justin from Dindigul. Drop me an e-mail at adnan@dogspot.in. I am a Delhi based dog behaviourist and could send a few links for help in training. Def seek professional help but first start off with training yourself from books and internet.

Good luck.
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