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Please let me know what i should feed him my 40 days Labrador?

kindly suggest me this the first time i am petting...i have a Labrador of arnd 40days, please let me know what i should feed him...in what duration...also let me know if i opt for not giving him non veg food how it will effect him and suggest in either of the cases (veg or non-veg) what should be the different items he can have.
By kuheli · 19 Jun 2011 1:00 pm


By Joy Ghosh · 19 Jun 2011 2:20 pm
Hi Kuheli

Congratulations on your new pet, i bet he/she keeps you occupied for most of the time.Lab's are voracious eaters, specially at this young age they keep eating a lot. Try to supplement your puppy with milk(boiled),bread,cerelac,chi cken Stu,mashed chicken, boiled vegetables, may be some dog food for some change.I made a menu for my puppy, will be glad to share it with you.
Breakfast-Milk and small bite sizes of bread.
Lunch-Mashed boiled rice,carrot,spinach and chicken(all cooked together).. try to give it a semi solid feel so that he can pick it up with his tongue(No salt)
Evening snacks-Cut small square pieces of bread toast them on a pan and make them crisp or else give a small cup of cerelac.
Dinner-Serve dinner a lil early.You can serve him the same that you did for lunch, else mix some mashed rice with milk or celerac will also do.

Have fun :)
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By Gopal Krishna · 19 Jun 2011 3:57 pm
Never Give milk except his mother's dogs are lactose intolerance and cant digest milk. Give him celerac and and wet kibbles. fed him chicken only after 3-4 months. Never give bread. Go and search on internet you will find many suggestion. and in future if you would like to fed chicken then don't fed bones, fed you puppy boneless chicken with rice and supplements and only fed you puppy heavy bone (Lambs, Beef etc).
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 21 Jun 2011 1:39 pm
non veg is best for dogs i hope so, lack of meat in diet will affect immunity system as dogs need animal protein for strong healthy body (this is my personnel opinion), there are also cases where dogs are fed only curd rice in their lifetime but dogs fed on meat definitely more active than dog fed vegetables.
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