I know supplements like calcium and iron are important for puppies. Are there any other supplement?

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Everyone needs to take extra supplements everyone in a while, including your dog. You should knowwhat supplements they should be taking besides calcium and iron to keep them healthy. There are somany options that you can get for your dog, so make sure you know what they are and what theywould need.Supplements a Dog Should TakeIf you aren’t taking supplements that doesn’t mean that your dog shouldn’t be, but you need somemedical advice first. Here are some of the best supplements that you should be feeding your dog,including: Vitamin B – This is an important supplement they should be taking. It can help them to digestcarbohydrates better and keep their energy and hormones levels. Vitamin C – In older dog’s one vitamin they should have is Vitamin C since it helps with ageingand inflammation. This can help keep them feeling young while they are getting old withoutbeing in pain. Vitamin D – For keeping up the muscles you need to give them vitamin D, which can beabsorbed from the sun. This can also help them to grow, so make sure to give them asupplement or give them plenty of sunshine. Vitamin E – Another good supplement you can use is vitamin E, which is good for keepingmuscle and eyes healthy. If your dog doesn’t have enough of this vitamin, then you will see itin their eyes as well as the reproductive system. Calcium – All dogs need some extra calcium to help keep up their bone health. This is onesupplement that you need to give them to keep their bones from breaking or becoming weakand fragile over time.The food that you are giving them should give them these essential nutrients, especially if they have ahealthy and well balanced diet. You need to look at the levels that are in the food that you are givingthem and feed them the right diet for their age level. Don’t feed your older dog the same thing you asthe younger dogs since they need a different type of food and vice versa.There are going to be dogs that would need higher levels of different supplements and vitaminsbecause of their age. If you want to give these supplements to your dog you should talk to yourveterinarian before you start to find out the right dosages for their issues. If you don’t give themenough or if you give them too much, then the supplements might hurt more than they help.Go ahead and think about the supplements that your dog might need, especially if they have physicalproblems. The veterinarian would be able to tell you what you should give them or what type of foodyou can feed them that would have the perfect levels. It can be hard to decide if your pet needs anyof these supplements, so don’t give them if you haven’t talked to an expert about it.
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