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Which food for my lab puppy

My lab is about to be 4 month old in few days, i was feeding him royal canin labrador junior till now, he finished 2 bag of 3kg of rc in 1-1.5 month, now i want to switch to drools since royal canin is way above my budget.. So which one should i give to my lab puppy "drools large breed" or "drools chicken n egg"

By Rohtash Sharma 25 Nov 2014 3:03 pm


By Bhawna Chiripal 06 Dec 2014 7:36 pm
I would not advice switching to Drools. If you have to switch due to budgetary issues i would recommend home food for your lab. Start off with Nestum and curd, then slowly move to rice and curd with eggs or chicken.
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By Sruthi Manickavel 02 Mar 2015 5:24 pm
I have a lab and he is on Royal Canin as breakfast since the time he came into our lives. He eats chicken and rice for lunch and pedigree for dinner :))
As an alternative, chicken and rice is the best. You may also give him veggies and fruits a couple of times in a week. Train him to eat apples, carrots, beans and he will love them. They also like chappathis and wheat bread - you can use them as treats/snacks.
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