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What more can I do to make sure that I bring my dog up the right way?

My Lab Max is now 4 1/2 months old.He is very energetic and loves to eat and eat !I feed him 3 meals a day with kibble being one meal.I dont want to overfeed him and wish to know if 4 big rotis with milk are okay as one meal.I am a vegetarian and cannot get eggs etc for him .I have Venky's best in show puppy food for him.but he always seems hungry. He loves to chew on wood , ate my diwali diyas , slippers and anything that can be chewed including door stoppers. Just the other day he bit my 7 yr old kid while he was trying to pry his mouth open to stop him from eating a chocolate wrapper.I was really worried coz Labs are supposed to be very docile.But I have taken it as a stray incident I have an obediance trainer for him. I have always kept dogs as a kid although small breeds and this is my first lab and I can sense his intelligence He communicates very well with me by barking / crying in different tones for different things What more can I do to make sure that I bring him up the right way
By phoebe · 03 Nov 2011 9:27 pm


By Malav Kshirsagar · 04 Nov 2011 10:20 am

My lab Mojo is also 4-1/2 months old and till last month he was biting on all things. But I bought a ball for him, covered the ball with 3 socks and tied the ends. Now Mojo loves to nibble on the ball and plays with him all the time. Also, I bought a bone (made from animal hides) which he adores a lot. As I learnt from experience of other dog owners, dogs get bored with a single toy and like to play around with multiple options. So if you can offer him more toys that will keep him busy and vent out his energy. Also, I ensure that I make him walk at least 1 hour daily to drain his energy 'coz in puppy stages he has lots of energy and wants to explore every small thing.

For food quantity, even I am surprise with the appetite of my lab 'coz whatever I feed him, he is always hungry. But as I collect from my sources, a dog in the weight category of 15 kgs requires 300 - 350 gms food daily which should be protein rich for puppies. When I was feeding rotis to Mojo, he used to consume approx. 10 rotis a day mixed with dog food and half a litre of milk.

Most important thing is you cannot leave your kid and dog together UNSUPERVISED.
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By phoebe · 04 Nov 2011 4:19 pm
thanks Malav.Max has so many toys that my son has started to say that he las lesser toys than Max !!He cant resist furniture coz his teeth are erupting
Now I gv him chewsticks when he starts to bite my hand
How many times do you feed MOJO in a day.Max seems to go to potty almost 6 times with 3 meals a day.We live in a penthouse and prior to his vaccination I used to make him relieve himself on the terrace.He still does that as and when required though I walk him at least 3 times (he signals when he needs to go)
I make sure that my kid doesnt fool around with Max specially when he is having food.After that incident I gv max his favorite food and ask him not to eat it..and beleive it or not he listens to me
Its good to know about Mojo.Hope his skin problem is getting better

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By Malav Kshirsagar · 04 Nov 2011 4:53 pm
Biting is a growing problem even for me but the ball with socks helped me really well. Also, you can keep small towels, soak them in water, and keep them in the fridge. Give them to Max and he might enjoy it. I read this tip on lot of forums and have tried it and found it to be quite effective.

I feed Mojo 3 times a day, but he goes for potty only twice i.e. once in morning and once after the evening meal. If the time of meals and quantity can be fixed then you might face lesser problems with Max.

Since our labs are almost of the same age, we can exchange information to our benefit. If you can write me on malav.kshirsagar@gmail.com, it would be helpful.
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By phoebe · 04 Nov 2011 4:59 pm
A cousin of mine who has a lab told me to give antacids to max for his potty frequency ! The vet seems to think that it is okay as he is experimenting with many things including fruits , veggies , paper,wood, diys etc !!

Also Max loves to drink gallons of water and I catch hom so many times drinking from the bird bath

I dont access mails except for my official id where dog talk is strictly forbidden !So I guess this is a better forum to share thoughts

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By Swaminathan Ravi · 04 Nov 2011 7:43 pm
Hi Im not sure about labs but I found a nice healthy way to keep my pups occupied when they feel like biting something. You can never trust the pet toys we get here god alone knows what unnecessary chemicals are put in them for colour, etc. I too am a vegetarian but I felt that although I find it quite unnecessary to kill and eat animals I relaxed my philosophy for the dogs. Hence I ask my maid to buy a pair of "paaya" or goat's front leg bones which is also cheap (Rs.20 for a pair) and is a healthy option as the teeth get cleaned plus a lot of marrow and calcium from eating the bone. I too am not comfortable with bringing meat into the house so I feed them outside. The bone keeps them satisfied for around half an hour and afterwards I guess the sheer jaw muscle exercise makes them want to take a nap. However if you arent comfortable with feeding them raw bones then I guess you could try out this:

https://www.ehow.com/facts_545 2736_information-feeding-dogs- carrots.html

Hope I helped! All the best.
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By Ramachandran Subramanian · 07 Nov 2011 9:21 am
Stop the Obedience trainer and YOU start training him. Dogs need to understand who their masters are and Obey because of their respect for their masters. If my dog growled at any of my children (no matter what they do to him) I will administer a correction to him. If uncorrected, the behaviour will grow and cause serious problems.
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