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Is it normal for dogs to lose interest in their dry dog food or get tired of it after a while?

My lab retreiver pup, Rusty, is now nearly 6 months old and I am a little concerned about his reducing interest in his dog food. I have always given him dry packaged food (Eg. Royal Canine) for his meals and a few doggy treats and tid bits in between. While, earlier he would lap up his doggy food without any prodding, since a month and a half, he eats the dog food only if I add some taste maker, like a boiled egg, or some meaty gravy with or without chunks etc. Sometimes even with these tempations, I have to cajole him, and at times, even hand-feed him. But he still loves his treats and tid bits. Moreover, at nearly 6 months, he eats only about 300 gms a day (he looks healthy and weighs about 25 kilos though). So, I have a few questions: 1. Is it normal for dogs to lose interest in their dry dog food or get tired of it after a while? Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem and continue feeding him his packaged food, as I am told it is more balanced in terms of his nutritional requirements than home cooked food? 2. Is my puppy eating enough for his age?
By Rashmi Pandit · 13 Mar 2010 12:52 am


By bhartan · 13 Mar 2010 8:18 am
1. This is quite common. Dogs do lose interest in dry kibble. Adding plain chicken broth might help.
In addition you may consider giving your pooch limited access to food, it works but you have to be very strict about it. Let him access his food only for fifteen minutes twice a day and don’t feed any treats or titbits during the day. Remove his food if doesn’t eat after the fifteen minutes every time. Stick to this for a week at least. You might be tempted to feed him at odd hours or give him titbits if he is not eating well but this will only make him decline food at his feeding times.
Personally I don’t like manufactured food. Natural food given after proper research is better in my view. RC is very calorie dense and its nutritional analysis is impressive but if you take a closer look the ingredients have too much of grainy fillers and very little meat which means empty fattening calories with little good nutrition for dogs.

2. Your lab is at a healthy weight for its age. However, 300 grams is little on the lower side (inspit of RC being calorie dense). It aught to be closer to 400-500 range for 6 month lab pup. How much of the treats/titbits does he get? What is his activity level? 25 kg at 6 months does not suggest that he is not eating enough.

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By Dinkar Singh · 14 Mar 2010 12:15 pm
I agree with the above.

It is not advisable to feed tit bits inbetween meals specially for breeds like labs who just love food and can become fat very quickly and that is the last thing you would want specially for a young pup. All manufactured foods have a feeding instruction which you can use as a guide.

Do not spoil him by adding broth etc to make him eat. Just give him the food for 1/2 hr and then remove it. Do not go by his sad eyes. When feeding dry manufactured food always make sure that the dog has plenty of fresh water. With summers coming, the dog make be going off food a bit due to heat but will be fine. If you see any health related problem then show him to a vet immediately.

It is aways better to have a lean puppy than a fat one as it is still growing. Even as an adult you should keep a check on the weight as it then causes various other health problem generally.

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By Rashmi Pandit · 16 Mar 2010 11:51 pm
My puppy does not get too many treats, just 2-3 chew sticks a day, and when he does something we wanna reward him for, we give him a dog biscuit or so. We take him to our terrace for his pottying etc. 4-5 times a day and during each of those sessions, he plays a little bit of fetch and runs around. He also runs around inside the house.
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