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My lab is suffering from skin disease suggest any shampoo or soap??

My lab is suffering from disease in which his skin drys off and it irritates him n he scratches n has almost lost all his hair coat. Have taken him to multiple vets all charged me heavily but medicines of even a single vet didn't get me satisfactory response. Suggest me some good shampoo or soap to get him rid of this disorder n get him back to normal.
By Kunal Lakhani · 16 Nov 2014 12:10 pm


By Taylor · 17 Nov 2014 2:38 pm
The reason for his condition is most likely because of his food. What are you feeding him? He needs to be on a food with least fillers. So, if you're feeding Pedigree or such low quality food, you need to slowly wean him off it. That would be your first step. Next, if you are bathing him too often, you need to stop it. Dogs are not humans, they can live months without a bath. If you must bath him then start using oatmeal shampoo. The better quality oatmeal shampoo with less chemicals you can get, the better for his coat. Also, oat porridge for breakfast will also help.
No corn, wheat, milk in your dog food.
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By Kumar Arun · 17 Nov 2014 7:57 pm
massage him with coconut oil and use shampoo - Episoothe
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By Arvind S · 22 Nov 2014 6:59 pm
His coat needs a good conditioner.that's all
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By mohit sarawagi · 23 Nov 2014 10:06 pm
Firstly, hi, I too have a female GSD who is suffering from the same thing. You should firstly check what he is being fed on and if it is any dry dog food or kibbles then check whether he has acquired any allergy from that and if so,change the food. Also check if he is suffering from any kind of mange or so and get it treated for the same. Also start a good omega-3 and 6 supplement and change his shampoo to an anti-tick and flea one or an anti-allergic one. Also get him dewormed as worms also are a cause to skin irritation. I shall not be able to recommend you and product as different dogs have resistance to different products . Also try to exclude rice and potatoes from his diet and try to include boiled carrots and spinach and broccoli and cod liver oil in his diet. Lastly i would suggest you to show your pet to someone who is worthy being called a veterinarian.
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By sandeep sharma · 02 Dec 2014 3:41 pm
Dear Mr.Lakhani,the itching can be due to several reasons including allergy from pet products from yeast/fungus infection. Please refer to www.saniprowash.com , use this Saniprowash - Wound & Skincare for pets; it is non-irritant and 100% natural skincare for dogs with no side effects whatsoever. You will see the difference in 5-6 days. write to saniprowash@gmail.com
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By RAJAH RAJAH · 24 Dec 2014 8:31 am
kindly bath with sea water for 3 days, use TETMOSOL Soap.
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By suchitra shenoy · 09 Mar 2015 7:47 pm
My Labrador suffered from the same condition since his puppy days. Tried many vets & changed food & medication several times. Our vet Dr Mohan of Akshaya Pet Clinic, Opp J P Park, Mathikere, Bangalore 54 turned out to be a life saver! He is reknowned for treating skin conditions! Pls contact/ see him. Also feed any food - ready pet feed or home made with atleast half a glass of water. Dry food = dry skin!
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